Prompts 2015

I am so sorry.

I'm Sorry!

Friday’s are Grandma days.  I usually, if I want something to go out, schedule it.  But…I thought this time I would be up for it.  But when I went to bed, I forgot and gave myself that extra half hour of sleep.

Basically, I failed.

So today, I am finishing out the last of the prompts.  Yep, you are getting the last four, as well as the page for the Prompts is now showing them all.

Prompts 2015 7

Prompts 2015 8

Prompts 2015 9

Prompts 2015 10

There they are!!! Hope something inspires you to write something.  I look forward to reading them as well as making the banners!!!!

Click on the frist banner to be taken to the Page for the Contest, it has a slide show showing all of the prompts.

Also, we are changing some things on the side-bars.  I added a section for all the sites I am affiliated with.  I could be an admin, a contributor, or it a place I share my stories with.  I also added social media buttons, in case anyone is interested.  (those were little bitty ones, easy!!)

4Padfoot and I are going to be updating the Teaser links.  We are trying to decide on the layout, if we will just update the side menu (it will be banners) or make a page or whatever.  The teasers will connect with the events that 4Padfoot made to make it easier for me to update them.  I looked at the list the other day, and we have teasers for sooo many more.  The Facebook Group is where I try out ideas, and the response I get from them determines alot of time what I work on.

I tell you, the muse loves praise, and the ladies in that group are amazing to feed her!!! I also am always on there, and it is often where people can get ahold of me.

I am off to work on some banners, then I will be binge watching OUaT since I finally got to where I want to go AU.  I want to know everything that goes on later so I can tie it all in.  I have to figure out how to deal with Neverland since I started before that arc.

See you guys later!!!

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