If I am feeling up to it, I can see in my stats (thanks to a nifty add-on that 4Padfoot put on the site) the pretty map down below.  Yeah.  That thing used to sit as the first thing I can see when I dropped into the dashboard of my site, and now I gotta go looking for it, since I also like to see the stats per day also.  But it shows me I have Europe,  The Americas (ignore the island that is white.. it is not worth your time!) Australia, Most of Asia, and maybe half of Africa.  So I am on my way to dominating the world.



I do have a chapter for today, and I will be posting it further down…

But before we get to that, I will like to take a moment to show you guys what I am looking at for the challenge:

Harry Potter:


How many review would be generated if every follower wrote one review?

How about this:



Or this:


Can you see what I am talking about?  This one small change may take 30 seconds (and I timed myself on the iPad which I hate since I type one finger at a time!) to say, this is intriguing.  It doesn’t have to be long.  Just something that you say as you hit follow.  On any site.

So will you take up this challenge?  All those people that read my posts, and we will see if anyone will.  I have one so far who has accepted.

So here is the chapter.