Mountain during a dayReally, why does this day come around all the time?  The fun days are always over too fast.

Ok, Some short announcements.


  1.  I got nominated over at the Twific Awards:
    1. Fandom 411
    2. Fic Pimp
  2. Please vote for me, and so many of our wonderful ladies who hang out in the Kittyinaz Facebook Group!!!!  Click on the button to be taken to the list of nominations by name.  There are a lot, so vote for your favorites!
  3. Yes, the site is being attacked, but we are working to get it cleared.  I just got notified last night about it and forwarded it.  I have noticed for some reason it happens more on Google Chrome than others.  AS admin for the site, I have been running malware since it is the type of attack.  Yeah us.  We got popular enough to be attacked.

Today is one of the bad days, I have been up since 4:30 am, and unable to get the gumption to get up and do anything until now.  *Winces* Sorry.  I was tired, and used that as my excuse until now when I realized, it was an excuse and that it has been not a good one.

So I have work to do, and will try to get to it.  Last week was a bust.  So many other things going on that I ended up doing nothing.  Well, I say that but I did do things, but not what I wanted to get done.

This weekend was a very wet one.  I live in Houston, and man did we get blasted with rain.  The dogs and the house smell of wet dog.  And since it is still muddy outside, there is nothing for me to do about it since they need to go out.  I think we were all about to hurt Murphy since he couldn’t go outside to run.   But when they went out, just to literally run out and lift their leg and come back in, they were soaked to the bone.  It’s time like these we are happy to have a raised beam house.  That means we are a couple feet above ground.  Not in stilts, but high enough not to worry about our yard flooding us.

So I am off to finish laundry and do all the things I let go from Saturday on because of migraines.  I so hate them.

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