You guys freaking rock the Kaspar!  Seriously.  I told you about the donation button, and you replied.


Eight of you stepped forward, and seriously made 4Padfoot and I’s day.  I know I was so shocked, I had dogs and a hubby running in here to find out what was going on when I realized what 4Padfoot was telling me.


When I told them, he couldn’t do anything more than blink.  Then told me, my followers were more than awesome.


I have to disagree.  You guys Are Freaking Awesome!!!!!   Seriously!


And for this week, so much bad news has been piled on me, that this was sorely needed.


I cried.


You are the ones who helped on that.  And if you guys continue, omg… I will be flabbergasted.


As for the site, it is as far as we can find, virus free, and malware free.  We have implemented the proceeds of the donations so far to help speed up the site, and to put firewalls in place to prevent this.


Live and Learn people.  Live and learn.

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If they continue to come in, we will be adding more things to make the site better for you guys.  Remember, this may be a ‘WordPress’ site, but we self-host it, and a lot of the goodies that you have through the WordPress site is not available free to us.  However, the opposite is true that you couldn’t have the donation or the ads I do have on the site.


Up until now, we have been paying a lot of it out of pocket.  So we were limited on what we could do, but this may open up a lot of opportunities.  To look for options that 4padfoot has passed by since they cost money, now we can implement them to make the site load up for your on your mobiles easier.


And for those of you still using the link to shop Amazon (Click above for the full link), you are still helping us out!!!  We didn’t realize it wouldn’t be as much, but we are still planning to use that money to help defray costs that we have been implementing.  In other words, in no way are we using any of it for profit.  We are using it all for the site, and things to do with the writing process.  it is all non-profit.

Revelations 9 1

While I did go in to get What If ready, I realized that the beta didn’t get that one done.  Sorry!!! I did get the Revelation’s chapter ready for those of you who read that.   There are a lot of changes going on for it.



Also, don’t miss out on the Christmas Prompts contest!!!!  I am soo looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store, and a little birdy told me that some have inspired authors to write more than one entry. Yes, you CAN do that.  Remember, these contests are to help people to write!! So enter.  You get a banner no matter what, and who knows, you may have bragging rights!!!!  The more entries, the more places we do.

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Other than that, I have no idea what else to put on here.  Just a huge thank you.   Seriously.  You people have made one worry go away, and it was so needed.   Hopefully, other things will continue to help out and we will get out of this rut, and I will be off to AZ to help get my levels normal.a88bbe40-b9f5-0132-9a54-0e01949ad350

And to write!

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PS.  Thank you to everyone for your help!!! seriously!

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