Wow.  A week has made a huge difference.

Truly!!!  I feel so much lighter, and I actually woke up, checked my emails and got up without me needing to send out a call for help to get up.  (Which Royal Ember, being the awesome friend she is, already sent me when she noticed me not up yet.)

And since writing was a bust last week, I am hoping this week will be better.  I ended up playing games, and M came in and joined me yesterday.  It’s interesting, since he is warlike, and I just want to build my cities.  Playing together like we did allowed me to do what I like.  It was freaking awesome.

So sorry I don’t have any updates where I am writing, but I will be trying to get to it this week.

Here are some reminders:


Shopping for Xmas present on Amazon?  Please use my link.  It costs you nothing and gives me a small percentage for going through my link.  The money goes for paying for stuff for my writing, things like the storage online so I don’t have to worry about my hard drive being wiped out and losing everything.  We have decided that those won’t come from the donations, but from Amazon.


And the Xmas prompt contest only has less than two weeks for the entries to be in!  I am sooo looking forward to reading and making all the banners!

Crossing 1

Just a reminder, there is a complete story here called Crossing the Fine Line.  It is a TB fic, and taking off from after the Maenad attack.  If you are wanting to read something, please read it.  I know I didn’t build up anything for it, but it is complete stand alone fic.


And there are banners to pick up on the Adopt a banner page.  Remember, they will be retired if they are from the year prior, and the page redone.  So if you like the banner, but not the people, tell me and I can change it.  I really don’t mind!

I’m off to puzzle why people are offended by a cup (thanks, Meridian and Royal Ember!) and try to catch up on anything I missed last week.

Enjoy your week!

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