But…. I am nowhere close to being ready to do anything on my normal schedule.

My desktop has 7088 downloads for the Google Drive.  And my Laptop is doing 5501.   Then they have to cross sync.

Oi Vey.

The joys of no internet or having only metered.  Next time I will be doing what MKnue suggested and take it to another place and allow it to catch up downloads.

Though, normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but the desktop was ‘updated’ aka restarted by Microsoft.  So it didn’t update as it should have, and even managed to lock out M from his games there.

Hey, when my computer wants to be an asshat, it really does the job well.

But I am sitting here, watching things download, and working out places to put things from the trip.  Cause as normal, I came back with more than I went.   I have lots of new cups, both Tea (aka coffee cups, the nice thick ones too!) and a new tumbler from M.  Now I have enough if it turns cold, I never have to use a coffee mug again.  Though this makes me laugh since I wait for it to cool to just the right temp then drink it madly while trying not to burn myself.

Yep, it’s an art.

Murphy has been overjoyed with us being back.  And not so happy I can catch him being the klepto he has become.   LOL.  It will be interesting tonight when we try to sleep with all the pets jumping in bed…

Stormy was standoffish, but I bribed her with a new scratch pad as well as a treat.  I threw in some expanded sun room in the office and lots of chest scratches.  I finally got a purr from her.

I am looking forward to seeing everything I wrote, tossing it out to betas.  I also got some offers for betaing, so I need to look through them.  But it will have to be tomorrow.  I slept 5 hours on top of luggage.  With stops for bathroom and gas in there.  Needless to stay that now that M has fed me, I am losing steam quickly.  Though I am not sure what to do with all the stuff on the bed…..

The sad thing about vacations.  No matter how restful they were, you need time to rest after them.  Or in my case, the trip back.

I wanted to let you guys know I am back in town, with internet that actually is speedy and not metered.  And that I have ALOT of stuff to download.

So be patient.  I will edit what I have as soon as I can and toss it to the betas.


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