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That is what I am going to do.

I talked with the ladies in my group, have talked this over in the past with close friends.  Then I talked with M, the hubby.

See, I have insecurities.  A lot of them.  And I just can’t see why anyone would want to read original fiction by me.  I hear so much about how I manage to find possibilities in Fanfic to write on, but not a lot is said otherwise.  So, after talking to all the aforementioned people, reading the copyright laws, (which thank God I can read that stuff but my back and neck has been hurting from it!!) I am taking this chance.

You get to read an original fiction by me.

I will say this fic has been played around with by me for over five years, as well as dreamed, thought about and so on longer than that.  I first was going to do Alice and Hatter from Syfy Alice (2010).  That one was really involved and thought completely out. A rough draft of an outline formed from it.  But then the ladies I discussed it with and I no longer were working together.  We all went our own ways, due to RL.

Then I thought, hey, it would be a great idea for a Damon and Bella fic!!!  I went so far as to type out chapters, crying, since it really is a sad beginning (but it is awesome later on!!!!).  I had at that time started to tie together some of my fics into a universe.

But then, Charlaine Harris wrote the last book of the SVM series.  I never read it, but I was in love with the characters.  I had planned to read the series when she was finished, but with the ending being what it was, I refused.

I was talking with my team of betas at the time, Meridian, Bertie Bott, Mommy4Thomas, MissRissa81, MissRon80 and 4Padfoot.  (I know I am missing some, and I am sorry for not remembering who was all on that night!) and I was telling them about this idea.  They asked why don’t I try writing an Original Fiction series for it?

That started my mind going.  I have chapters done and plan on returning to it more.  But I planned out how it will work.  Some of those plans had already spilled into fics.  There are two individuals that have in fact appeared in my fics, and both happen to be in the Set You Free series, as well as a mention of another group in the Free Will is Everything trilogy.  But that was before my ladies really talked to me and convinced me I could rewrite everything.

This was pulled before it ever got published and has sat in my files since then.  But I was rereading it the other day, and while it is connected to the Brotherhood of Demons Universe, it really is separate.  Armando Ignacio d’Napoli had to be different from everyone even in my universe.  But I had plans for him.

So you guys get the chance to read an original fiction by me.  I am sitting here nervous as hell, and debating with myself even as I wrote this.  But all in all, I need to do something.  This is easier to do than later when I send the manuscripts out for the first time.  Obviously, it will NOT be published on Fanfiction.net.  But I plan to publish on other sites I am a member of that supports Original Fiction.

When you click the button to be taken to the chapter, for the first time, you will need to go through the Original Fiction Page I made.  After this chapter, by clicking the links, you agree to the terms laid out on that page.  Mostly that this is a work out of my imagination.  That I have the rights to tell someone no; on using my characters, my ideas and so on.

If you read the page, there is a mention of how to read my other fics.  That is the only way to read them.  Within a week, I will be doing the origin story(s) that will be spread out among the series to explain everything.  There is also a hint how to be considered to be a pre-reader for the other works.

So please sit back, read, enjoy, and leave me a message to tell me what you think.  And yes, the beginning is ambiguous.  I meant it to be that way.

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Two people, lying in bed one night, make the same wish.

It is granted, but this is the story of what happens when wishes are granted.

There are consequences.

And they are not always good ones.

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