I am testing to see if this one will go out right.

See, we got hacked.  Big time.  And as right now, we finally got a piece of what we had back that sends out the posts to you lovely people.  Hopefully.

Since none of the ones last week went out…

For instance… There was this update:

3 Edge

And then I took the plunge and started to publish one of the Original Fictions I was working on.  With a lengthy explanation on it.  To enter the side of the site that has the original fiction, you need to click through here:

1 Prologue Road

By agreeing to read it, you are agreeing that you know it is mine.

There has been more chapters done in the back end, but I want to see if this goes out.  You can also visit the Post page and see everything else that has been going on.  As well as information on the new banner on the site background… I am proud of that thing!

If this goes out, there might be another as a public service anouncement…