<snickers>  Like what I did there?

Sorry had to. Couldn’t come up with a catchier name for the post today.

So, for those that don’t know me, or haven’t followed me over here yet, I will let you know, I ramble.  LOL!  And I seem to like to hurt myself, then try to ignore that I did that.

Yeah, I know not very smart.

I hurt my ankle last Grandma Day.  I have a bone spur that instead of growing on the bottom of my heel, I have it at the back of my ankle.  It has never bothered me until now.  (Of course.)  Instead of staying in bed with it up, I instead ran around all day Saturday and Sunday (well helped M put in a new floor, but I think it counts…) I spent this last week in bed, watching Fixer Upper (a guilty pleasure) and Vampire Diaries on Net Flix.  I am happy to say that earlier today I finished season one of Vampire Diaries. Hey, there are alot of episodes!  (and I finished Fixer Upper, but there are no more seasons of that on NetFlix, and since I only have the Apple TV in my room, there is no way I can watch more… yes.  I am pouting…)

I also tried to edit Edge, and I am still working on it.  I sent a segment that had been bothering me to my betas to get their opinions on it.  I am going to use it, but I may look at it when I am done with the chapter. When it bugs me, it means I need to look at it again.  I think my mind went one way and the muse another, so I need to fix it.  It is no big deal to the main story, but it gives the wrong impression to me of what is going on.

I am watching the Vampire Diaries to get working on the sequel to You’re.  Unfortunately, I have watched all these ones before, but not the ones for the next segment of the story.  So I am going to be continuing to watch it while I try to work from the bedroom.  We will see how that works.

————————Break for Computer issues———————-

And I am back.  Sorry, you guys don’t know I have been gone, but my computer encountered an error and after emitting a painful noise through the speakers, it restarted.   Sorry!

What If…. The good news, is here is the other chapter, the bad news?  This is it for the pre-written and edited chapters.  Seems I need to write more.  I really need a clone of myself!

So here is the chapter, and I am loving the comments on it already!!!


Yes, the chapter was pre-released in my group.  And they are loving it.

I am off to clean off all the stories and stuff from my outlook for the reblog, then off to the bedroom to work on editing, getting away from the dogs before I scream.  They are fighting, literally over a bone that Connor is eating. Murphy doesn’t eat them, he only wants it to get Connor to come after him.  They have already fought once at my literal feet, and the next time, they took off the door to my desk that houses the CPU.

So I am getting aggravated.

Enjoy the chapter, and I will hopefully get some work done here in the next few days.