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Hey… I’m trying!

So…. It is official.  Everyone in my house has had the flu or having it.  I hoped to be over it, since I somehow got away with a light version  of it.  Instead, I am so freaking exhausted and body aching, I’m afraid I get to go through it again.


Right now, I am waiting for meds, chamomile tea and whatever else can happen to happen while I am writing this.  I’ve taken care of myself and M and been sleeping alot.  When I am not sleeping, I have been working on editing the next chapter of LotR.  See, when I work on that one, I need to have as many source material open and double check myself….A L O T.  All before I hand it off to the Beta for her to wave her magic wand and make it readable, as well as a second pair of eyes to check that I didn’t fuck up the universe.

Which makes me wonder what I am thinking since I am going to be taking that universe and take it for a spin with some other characters.  That belong there.   Yeah.  It makes sense in my head.

Plus with all that, I am having issues with writing things.  I want to work on something.  I am bored.  But I feel like I have pressure on me to edit, so I can eventually write.

I am setting a timer on this post.  Why?  I want to reward all my ladies in the Kittyinaz’s group chat on Facebook.  They have been my cheering section this week, so I have let them know the chapter is live.

So for all those wondering, Eric appears in this chapter.

And I have to tell you that you cannot kill me for the ending.  If you do so, the last beta’d chapter will not be released, and you will not ever get to read it!!!  And I promise you, you will want to read it.

Also, due to feeling bad about one story that I soooo want to continue, in response to a review, I left a huge ass teaser in it.  In fact, it is everything I have written so far.  Have fun finding it.

Here is the chapter.

Chapter 6 Clocks 1