This week has passed so fast it isn’t funny.

Since I didn’t get a post out for you to read on… I will unearth this story that is a multi-chapter story for TB.  Most of you missed the post about it, since I posted it in it’s entirety instead of posting one a week.  Which I may not do again since it makes it harder for you guys to find them then.

Crossing 1

Description: A rock is thrown from the far past. A future with a child is given up, a death is not as it seems. Everything is going to change. Or else the end of all is going to come.  Gift for Natsgrl1.  E/S

This story was written for the Fanfic Exchange by Queen of Area 5.  Who was wonderful with giving me the extra time to finish it.  I wrote 27 chapters, edited and sent them to her after my beta, Christine jumped in and did the impossible.  It went over the 30 days, partly cause I couldn’t come up with an idea no matter how much I tried.

Warlow 1

Then I saw a picture of Cam, and the whole story fell into my head with him replacing the actor who played Warlow.  It has aspects of Doctor Who in it, (for those that love the 10th doctor, you might recognize the parts) But if you don’t know, I cover it enough not to leave you hanging. Just a little extra something, something for you.  Also, those who read the Deathstalker series by Simon R. Green, there is a hint in there about the books.  I think I even stole a little bit from the Inheritance Sage by David Webber.

What can I say, it became a story that I could engage in my mindscape and not worry about anything.  And before anyone gets upset, there are hints of religion in it, but I treat it a lot like Supernatural treats religion.  It’s a story device; it says nothing on what I believe in.  But it helps tie this story altogether in a neat little bow.

It has action, other worlds, fairies, demons, vampires, other creatures.  I pull from all over, there is an Inuyokai from Inuyasha, Assassins from Assasins Creed, Ents from LotR, Nightmares from the Piers Anthony Xanth series, Dragons (A kind like the Dragons of Pern), Phoenix, Gods and Goddesses, Centaurs, Griffon, Kitsune, Unicorns, Pegasus, I even borrowed Jarvis from Iron Man.

So have fun reading it, click on the banner above to be taken to the beginning.  I will recommend you reading it here, only because it is rich with pics here.  It is rated M, and I hope you enjoy it.

Now I am off to work on making sure my stories are on the other sites, and to see about getting things done without stressing about trying to get enough time to do it all.  Cause cleaning and linking, and checking stories lists on other sites are not easy to do when all you are thinking is that you need to be in photoshop.  I have an order… and it was messing with the feng shui of my mindscape.  *snickering*

Enjoy the story, if I get enough interest in it, maybe I will do sequels, one shots and so on on it.

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