The winner of the April Writing Contest:

Choosing His Path LightK

Congratulations are in order!!!

If you can’t tell, LightK sent in some pics of what she was imagining, and the rest I add in.  this was a fun banner to make, and interestingly, it was not the one who kept crashing on me.

Not to be undone, The Looking Glass Door was another favorite of mine, though it kept crashing my computer.  But each time, I admit it got better, me learning new ways to manipulate the pictures on the background.

Now to both the fine ladies, I admit I am VERY sorry that the site’s issues of comments hampered you hearing from your fans.  If you give me links to where you will be posting these, I will be happy to put the links in place.

Not to be outdone, the new contest is up and waiting for entries, you have a little under a month to get those entries in!

Participation Banner for 063016 2


As for the comments, please keep sending us your issues and screenshots if possible as well as the device you are using.  We are working on getting this corrected, but I will advise when we think the issue is fixed.  Also the June contest page has no place for comments cause of the way I built it.  Sorry.

Again the email is  This is checked by the wonderful and highly appreciated Rissa who helps me out more than you guys ever imagine.  Since the comments are not working, you can leave them on the email as well if desired.

Now, I will be getting back to timelining In The End.  I am on Chapter 13, and while I am working on it, plot points are turning in my head.  So hopefully I will be able to write this one out to the end soon!  I am already putting out little parts of the story in the Kittyinaz’s Group.  I am also adding my Author page in Facebook on the side for any who wish to follow me there.  I will warn you, it also receives the reblogs as well.

Have fun, and I will check back with you next week!

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