Dying to Start Again

For those that know what means, yes, it is here!

Dying 1

Description: The Source of Evil finally finds someone who accepts him as he is, and he will do everything to protect her.

I have had sooo many people ask for this story.  It has been with the betas and I am getting the chapters back.  Slowly.  There are reasons behind this, but I can say that it will be worth it in the end.  Remember how I said I don’t like tossing my betas in the deep end?  Yeah, circumstances had it happening, but now we got it fixed. We have someone who is being a mentor and saved my ass.  Thanks t6james6 and Miss Potter for your work on the chapter.

So this story is the first one I ever completely plotted out the idea.  This means it is easier for me to pick up and write anytime.  There are 5 chapters written out and waiting for the betas to look over.  Due to the fact I am still posting the Chapters of Revelations and Clocks (1 left until I need to write more…I think.) And I am still working on ITE, be kind.  We are still doing one post a week.

There are other stories I had ready for betas, and there are reasons why things are still in the holding pen.  RL sucks for all of us, and can hit us all.

Good news?  1 completed chapter for ITE, yet another one in the works and getting close to being finished.  Unfortunately, there will be another chapter of the current arc I am doing.  It is lighthearted fun that our trio needed after the drama and angst from the other ones.  It is also helping me get back into writing these three. I won’t be releasing chapters until I am ahead.  Remember, I write basically a rough draft, then go back and edit it to add in the details.  Then it goes off to the betas.

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We had some latecomers to the contest saying they will be turning in their pieces Sunday.  I receive all the pieces at one time, so there is no way I can figure out who is who.  Once I get them all, I will work on getting them ready for you to read and vote, comment and etc.

Meanwhile, M bought me a present a few weeks ago on Photoshop.  It is a book on classes for Photoshop.  It has 14 chapters and is obviously self-paced. Since I have it, as well as a WordPress Bible to look over, I am going to work on the lessons, then fit in writing and making banners around it.  I already found a technique that will help me in the future.  It is outdated (he tried, but he has no idea what is current on Photoshop.) but it is the most updated until the Creative Cloud came out to replace the old PS.  I figured that two chapters a day (or more) will be helpful.  Some chapters will not do a lot of good, (editing film and so on, but who knows) but some of it I am eager to get my hands on.

So this week will be dedicated to getting through it, as I work on everything else.  It will be one less thing sitting on my desk to do.  Which will make me a happy little Kittyinaz.

I also only have two more movies to watch through my Marvel marathon.  I have watched everything but Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy.   Maybe Iron Man 3.  I have to check on that one.  I have been watching it all on the 3D being amazed by the picture.  And falling in love with Loki all over again.  My favorite three so far?  Hawkeye, Loki, and Bucky.  Stark is another one, but nowhere close to the others. Will I be writing on the Avengers?  Maybe.  After I catch up on other things.

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Non-Canon Awards Review of the week:

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I am still reading it.  I am in the parts where I put it down and read something else to come back to it.  But heck, I still come back to it!  The fact that the story is turning towards Sookie more makes me thrilled for however long it goes on.

We are still working on the site.  Just face it as I have, it’s always going to be ongoing.  But 4Padfoot is freaking awesome.  She improves it all the time.  And it leaves me time to do what I like to do.  Write and work on PS.  I never can say thank you to her, as well as MissRissa81.  These two ladies do more than you can ever imagine behind the scenes.

For those of you wondering, Stormy is back to normal, running through the house, bouncing off walls and so on.  And then acting normal when I am around.  WE had some laughs with her and her cone, but all in all, we are done with that episode in her life.  Connor and Murphy are happy to be allowed back in the bedroom and they got their baths today.  Exhausted but thrilled Connor.  Murphy is just putting up with it since I pay attention to him more when he is clean.

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They got this Sunday night when I released it in between lessons.  Just saying.

I am off to work on my lesson now.  Or go to bed halfway through it.  We will see. It is late.



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