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But I have a large post here.  And it will have a chapter that you guys WANT.  And…

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A Teaser!!!!!

So shush and let me ramble and you will get your goodies soon.

Ok… This past week (the week prior) was our Anniversary.  My hubby was awesome, buying us each a present that can be used by the other person.

Or at least that is what he tried to tell me.

My present?  A new video card.


That led to me having to replace my power source since it was faulty and never used to close to it’s potential.  Only now I tried to use it and it decided to make life difficult for me.  I mean I already have to find HDMI converters and even ended up buying a new cord since my monitors don’t have HDMI.  *growls*.  I spent a week working on my computer and decided that I will just buy the case and stuff and assemble my own next time.  All I missing is the motherboard, the processors, and a sound card.  Seriously.  Everything else has been replaced or I have had to rework the power stuff and the other cords.

I keep having issues, but they have to do with the fact that I have a faulty driver set in my computer, and I cannot just set my stuff to the beginning.  Aggravating?  Heck yes!  We guess the bad driver is in the wifi settings, but I cannot replace it (remember last time?).

The other present was a new TV.  Our old one got zapped when we had a close lightning strike.  We are having other electric appliances failing us as well.  But the first was the TV, and my hubby took advantage of the fact to buy our own.  The others have been gifts, but this one we went out and researched like you won’t know.  I now know more than I ever wanted on TV’s.

If you are looking to buy one, the higher the refresh rate the better (right now 240 seems the best we could find).  4K?  It does make a difference.  And if you are looking for the most bang for the buck, Vizio M series is getting rave reviews, as well as beating out other TVs per  Our issue with it?  There was not one in the entire city and surrounding areas of Houston.

We buy our stuff at Best Buy, the one we use is a half an hour away on good traffic days.  The people there are helpful and know their stuff.  For any of you in the Houston area, it is the Webster Store.  Cody in the Geek Squad is the one who sold me my computer and is the one that if you have issues, they ask him.  And for TV’s, If you can buy from the Magnolia section, you will NOT be led astray.  Ask for Jeff, he helped me out big time.

We had issues.  (it’s a freaking long story and when I typed it all out, I was like, hell no am I going to make you guys read it.)  I will say Magnolia dealt with the issues themselves instead of referring us to Geek Squad or Samsung.

That was the mess I dealt with last week, and I admit I was tired.  And our fridge this week gave up the ghost.  So nothing is working, and I am not looking forward to cleaning that thing out.  We have a call in for it to be repaired, but we are thinking it is another thing to blame on the lightning.

And poor Murphy is frightened of storms and especially thunder now.  Poor baby.

I spent all day trying to post this chapter.  And to be honest, I am waiting for ladies over in my group to give the ok on the comments before I post this one.

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Ok, the teaser is for In The End.  I finished a chapter and been trying to get back to it, but see above. This is NOT edited, not Checked over, this is nothing but a rough draft.

Disclosure:  True Blood is owned by Charlaine Harris and Allen Ball. 

Pre-Edit Count –   2,940 Words

Song I listened to for this chapter: Feel Again by OneRepublic.


Godric goes over and kisses her. He looks down at her and then murmurs into her ear something. When she grins, he looks over at Eric. “Come on. Tonight we woo our little one. Send what you need out, and also send notice that Bill has disobeyed both of our orders. Let’s shake the tree and see what is going to fall out.”

Eric’s face soon smirks and he honestly tells Godric, “It is truly a great thing for you to return, Master. The fun has just begun…”


Godric sends to Eric that their gifts are here and Eric’s eyes light up as he heads over to the wall.

Sookie gives Godric a sideways look as she asks, “Gifts?  Didn’t you guys give me stuff yesterday?”

Godric chuckles as he kneels on the bed beside her.  Sookie looks up and she again is blown away by the man in front of her.  There is no way if someone looked at him now… In black jeans, sitting so low on his hips that his treasure trail is shown completely with him not having a shirt.  Basically his body on display for her to view.  His tats black on his pale skin, and she can’t help but fall in love with him all over, as her hand reaches out to traces the Chieftain collar on his collar.

Godric cannot help the smirk that breaks on his face as he feels his mate’s awe, lust and love as well as her soft touch.  Always love.  And he will never do a single thing to harm it now that he knows what it feels not only to lose her but Eric.

But his intention worked, he had wanted to get her attention from Eric.  Who for once is dressed, Eric often walks around naked, and had gotten Sookie in the habit with all the times they had been together.  As he had stated more than once around Godric, he and Godric know her body probably better than she does, why hide it?

If it hadn’t been for his talk with Jason, Eric probably be more undressed than Godric.  And certainly Sookie.  She was only wearing a shirt of Eric’s that hung off her shoulder.  She often steals their shirts if they ever think that someone may come in.  The nest knows of their sleeping habits, but Sookie told them once that even the thought of Jason walking in on her is enough to make her feel sick.  So since Jason is below with them, Sookie had snagged Eric’s shirt to sleep in.  She liked his because they are always huge on her.

Eric is soon crawling up the bed, their gifts having been deposited on the bedside, with only the necklace he had in his hands… He picked out the piece, and gets to gift it to her, as Godric will be gifting her the others.  And they will continue this… for a long time.  Their little mate deserves this and they have failed her in not giving her this before.  But they are fixing their mistake now.  Their little mate will be covered with jewels, the finest silks, have their rooms perfumed with the finest flowers.

She deserves all this and more.  And they are going to take this time to show her their love.  That it has a side effect of showing up Bill, well that is just the cherry on top.

Sookie is still looks at Godric, as he leans forward to kiss his little mate, unbuttoning Eric’s black silk shirt from her, pushing it off her shoulders as Eric reaches around her and puts his gift to her on her neck, kissing on the back where he joined it.

Sookie leans her head back on him as Godric’s hands move up slowly her body, cupping her breasts, and bringing one up for him to bestow little kisses around it, circling until he reaches her aureole, then he purrs out to her as he licks it slowly, feeling it shrink as her nipple hardens.  When he reaches her nipple, he suckles on it, watching as his other mate’s hand takes her other breast from his hand, pulling gently on the other nipple.

Eric is kissing her neck, tracing the outline of his gift on her neck.  He loves it, it reminded him of a torc from his time, adorned with the fire of the very stars gracing her neck. It is having the crosses on it that she adores it, the lines are all diamonds but the swirls are different shades of diamonds making a subtle color change in them. Godric had chuckled when he purchased it, telling Eric he didn’t leave much for him to adorn their mate with to accompany it.  But he had agreed that it did signify Eric in the design, and that was what they had tried for.

He left her breast trading it for her other one, as Eric’s hand moved down her body, and is soon lightly running through the light dusting of blond hair between her legs.

Godric had also told Eric they need to start preparing her body for mating.  Yes, they are aware that they will change her, but neither want her to feel any excess pain, and had discussed options for when it happens.  But on the off chance that both are not able to remember their plans, they will start preparing her.  It won’t hurt her, and will only start adding the pleasure of the night.

He just hopes they can hold themselves back.  Both of them are feeling the need to claim their little one, to make sure that none can take her from them, but they both admit that it was partly because of the vision, Eric had taken Sookie completely.  But they are not sure what that had done to their plan, since by then, Eric had decided (and rightly so according to Godric) that Sookie had been more important than a plan that at that point was hurting her.

So, they are going to do what they can.  If they end up taking her before the mating, then they do.  No more time for regrets, the most important lesson they had learned through Godric’s vision, is that nothing is worth losing each other.

Soon, all thoughts are driven out of their mind as Sookie arches into them, her breasts more firmly into Godric’s waiting mouth as Eric slowly strokes her, moving just enough to adjust and have his thumb on her clit, and his first finger to slowly move in her.

Smirking at his mates, Godric reaches over and grabbing the earrings he bought to match her necklace, he puts them on her, his mouth kissing and tugging at her earlobe before moving below it for him to attach the earrings.

When he is done, he leans back and looks at their naked mate in front of him, being pleasured by Eric with nothing but a ring of fire around her neck flashing as she is moving with Eric’s fingers.

He leans past Sookie, and kisses Eric, his lips nipping at his other mate, as he feels Sookie undulating between them.  He feels it as she unbuttons his pants and her small warm hand grips him. He moans in Eric’s mouth and slowly, carefully, backs away.  Kissing Sookie’s mouth sensuously, he tells them, “I am going to warm up our shower.  Don’t be too long.  We have to take care of some business, but we also have reservations.”

And with that he is off the bed, his pants shed as he moves to the bathroom.

And here is the chapter for Picking Down Clocks:

Chapter 9 Clocks 2

Thanks for reading this long ass post!

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