First off, Thanks to everyone who voted in the Better In Texas Awards!  I won the following Awards:

2ndKittyinaz - Crossover and Crossing The Fine Line 3rdKittyinaz Favorite Fandom Story - This is not the Beginning, this is not the End

Either banner will take you to the Better In Texas Site.

This week is going to be short.  I have a busy day here, Stormy is off getting fixed so that we have no worries about kittens, as well as being microchipped so we can find her again.  I also have my Grandma to take to the Doctors.

Because of Stormy being fixed, it might be a couple of days before I am back online.  I have to keep her in the bedroom to try to limit the access of the pets to her.  Not fun.  She is very loud when she is wanting out of the rooms.  I only have to try to keep from jumping for 2 days, then she can only do small jumps.

I think the comment issue is fixed, but anytime you have issues with the site, the is monitored often.  We are working on a form to add to the bottom of the site for you to fill out also.

Other than that, I think that is everything.  Enjoy the Revelations chapter!

Revelations 12 1


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