I figure what better way to see if all my connections to Facebook, tumblr, twitter and Google were all working again by making a post on the next contest.

Yes, this is late, but you will find out later what is going on.

For now….

Outlaws and Angels 2b

This is the next contest.  The banner is also a link to the page for the rules.

Basically, this contest is to be inspired by either the name or the pictures.  And I warn you, I did have fun hiding things in the banner.  Not everything is what you see at first glance….

I hope to get some entries in this one.  And yes, there is a Participation Banner, it is in the page listed.

The contest entries are to be in no later than August 31st, 2016.  That should give everyone time to finish up their entries into the Bertie Bott’s Superhero Contest!


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