I had trouble with a banner, then I realized Simple is not always wrong.  The picture appeared and the banner was made to it.

I had a lot of fun with this contest.  I loved the entries, as well as enjoyed playing with ideas in my head for the banners.  The lessons I started helped a lot, and I am eager to back to them for more ideas on how I can keep improving my banner making.  Centuries of Mirrors is one that used a lot of new techniques to me to show the different ‘Mirrors’.


So I am going to do what I said before, I am entering Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Superhero Fest.  I am doing a superhero fic!!!!!  I highly encourage you to enter she is an excellent writer and the entries into her contest are always interesting!!!  I often find new people to read as well as new stories to entertain.  I just hope my story entertains others and it fits the criteria!

The next writing contest for me with be ready on the fifteenth.  I will give you a sneak peak, it is called Angels and Outlaws.  I found the saying on IMDB for one of their lists, and the idea will not leave me alone.

I am working on ITE steadily.  It is much harder to sit down and make myself work on one story, and my muse is being extremely mean and introducing new stories.  I am being good, writing them out in journals (which by the way, I love the new Volants by Moleskine!  They allow you to tear out pages.  Before they were all bound together, but now they perforated then and it makes things much easier!).

I will be going back to work, encouraging you to read, comment and vote on the stories.  The authors CANNOT reply until the contest ends on the 15th, but after midnight CST, the authors will be free to answer back.

Enjoy, and next week I will have another chapter to send you.  This week has slayed me, and I rather not cheat you guys.  Who knows, I am getting where I feel I can just maybe release a chapter of ITE…..  Maybe.

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