For those that follow me on Facebook may have noticed I have been quiet for more than a week.  It has not been just here that I have been quiet.

Let’s say RL has crashed in on me and M.  It was enough to drive us both to being extremely stressed, as well as having to make some choices.

First the bad news, (so I can end this on a positive note!).

I am going to need to turn my attention to my Original Fiction as my major focus.  No longer can Fanfiction be the main focus.  Even with this change in focus, I may have to do a part time job so that we can deal with the financial side of things.  Luckily, if I can get books published, it may make up the difference and my hubby (M) is all for that instead.

Since as we witnessed personally, I really cannot take stress at all anymore.

Now the change is a really good one, but it just means things will be drastically scaled back.  The contests are going to be continued, mostly as I come up with an idea.  It may take me longer to do banners, but I will do what I can.  Also, I have ALOT of chapters written that need to be edited, including In The End.

I also have a couple more things up my sleeves.

I need to push Fanfiction to weekends (Friday-Sundays) and concentrate on the other stuff.   For those that are allowed to read the original fiction, this means you guys will be getting updates.

Just please be patient.   I really cannot take much more stress from people being nasty about the whole thing.  If it gets too bad, I may pull everything.  Cause it has been bad (not on this site, you guys are freaking awesome!!!  As well as the people on BIT And Fanfiction Affliction!!!) on other sites.

I write and update when the muse gives me information.  I have tried to make her do the sequel to All I Want, and while I know exactly where I want to go, the first few chapters are fighting me.  Then there is Damon not talking to me for the You’re sequel.  Again, I know where we are going with that one.  For the rest, I am trying.  There is only one me, and with my health taking such a huge nosedive in the last few days, we are finding I am not as sturdy as we hoped.

But as I mentioned, there is a lot of good things coming for you guys.  For one, I have my entry in the Bertie Bott’s Contest.  It is live, and I recommend you to go read them!!!  There was one that M read and laughed at.   I read all fifteen of them, (yes, 15!!) and I can tell you it is hard to pick one to vote.  Luckily we can vote once a day.

There are chapters beta’d and ready to go, just without banners or little things.  Hopefully, this drama that is in my life is over, and we can get to the changes and settle into a new pattern.  Since so many things are changing, I need to find a new set of patterns to settle into.  For one, the puppies and cats will be happy.  They are all sprawled out in the office.  Happily.

I just wanted to let you guys know what is going on.  I am hoping to be online doing many things today, some of it relevant to the above stuff.  And no, I am not wanting comments and pity and so forth.  Frankly, I can’t take it.  But I wanted to let you, my readers, know what is going on.  This way you know I am giving you what I can, and when I can find the free time to write new stuff for Fanfiction there will be more.

Here is a breakdown of stories and chapters.  Banners are connected to main pages.  Published is exactly that.  Pending means pending to publish for you guys.  Drafts are what I have written but not edited.

Alice 2009

Revelations 1

Published – 13 Chapters.  Pending – Up to 21.  Drafts  – 0 Planned – In my head but yeah.


Blood 1

Published – 3 .  Pending – 0  Drafts – 1 1/2 Planned – In head

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Perihelion 1

 Published – 0 Pending – 0 Drafts – 0 Outline done

Once Upon a Time (co-authored)

Best 1 Kittyinaz

Published – 7 Pending – 1 (sent to co-author) Drafts – 3 Planned – In Head

Tin Man

Tin Man 2

Published – 12 Pending – 3 Drafts – 1 Planned – Kinda in head

True Blood

In The End 1

Published – 27 Pending – 0 Drafts – 3 Planned – and Outlined

Never Changing 1

Published – 0 Pending – 0 Drafts – 2 (this is going to expand) Planned – Yes

Sacred 1a

Published – 2 Pending – 0 Drafts – 34 Planned – yes


Published – 17 Pending – 0 Drafts – 1 Planned – In My Head


Twilighted Tea Shoppe

Yeah, I am going to bring this back.  I have enough to write on Original Fiction to try to move this around.  And yes, this means Tea Shop is coming back as well.

What If 1

Published – 20 Pending – 0 Drafts – 1 Planned – Kinda

When I Pretend 1

Published – 5 Pending – 0 Drafts – 0 Planned – In Head

Wisdom 1

Published – 6 Pending – 0 Drafts – 0 Planned – In Head


Dying 1

Published – 1 Pending – 5? (Beta’s working) Drafts – 0 Planned – Outlined Completely

Twilight/Harry Potter

Heavenly 1b

Published – 12 Pending – 0 Drafts – 3 Planned – In Head.. by Muse.

Twilight/Lord of the Rings

Sun 1

Published – 5 Pending – 1 Drafts – 1 Planned –  Working on with Beta

Twilight/The Mummy

Light 1

PART II  Published – 0 Pending – 0 Drafts – 3 Planned – Need new direction…


Breathe 1

Published – 0 Pending – 0 Drafts – 8 Planned – WIP


Will Of Fire 1

No link….   Published – 0 Pending – 0 Drafts – 2 Planned – WIP

Twilight/True Blood

Edge 1

Published – 4 Pending – 0 Drafts – 4 Planned – In Head

Picking Down Clocks 1

Published – 10 Pending – 2 Drafts – 0 Planned – In Head

Twilight/Vampire Diaries

Game of Life 1

Published – 0 Pending – 4 Drafts – 0 Planned – Muse Controlled

There is the whole list.

Right now, we are working on the issue that started on this, so I am signing off to work on something that is none stress related.

Just be patient….


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