Participation-Banner-for-063016-2-1024x576Seriously people, give some serious love to those who are brave souls and submitted stories.  That first story or submitting one to a contest is hard!  I know!  I am working on a contest piece, and it ain’t easy to do!

So click on the banner above, and go give some love to these brave souls who sent their work in and vote!

Also, not to brag, but there are some new techniques I used for the banners, so go enjoy the work I put out for these amazing individuals.  I hope they like them, and look forward to seeing in a few days what they have for us….

I will admit, that the next contest is set to kick off here shortly. I made the banner, and I may say it is also one of my favorites.  I will give you a teaser of the new banner.  And, don’t take the first impressions as the ones I had in mind.  There are all types of hints in it that you may see only when it is larger.

Outlaws and Angels 2b

Though, the banner is hidden in a conversation I had with someone in my group…..


So vote, and on the 15th, I will be publishing the new contest.  Since I am working on an entry for the Bertie’s Botts Every Flavour Superhero Fest, I am pushing those due dates to the end of August.  It should give you time to have fun with her contest.  (for more information, please click on her banner, it will take you to the contest page!)

See ya later!!! (I’m in a writing haze, so I am not thinking of anything but getting this thing out.  Once it is done, I will back to our normal schedule of me working to get you new chapters each week.  Sorry, but I want to finish this!!!!)

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