LOL.  Sunday post anyone?

I think I am only going to work in the evening, since I get a ton of work done!

Last night, I really couldn’t sleep, and ended up finishing the chapter for In The End for the beta, and sent it to her after running it through Grammarly.   Yes, everything goes through it, even when I laugh at how it hates Mates, (wanting me to turn it into friends) it also strongly dislikes anyone growling. (growing anyone?) and multiple other things it just does not like, and I have to tell it to ignore.

I’m currently working on Edge, if I can keep my mind on task.  I might leave, and when it is quiet in the house, work on it.  We will see, I have been having massive problems getting to sleep, last night it was after 7 am this morning when I fell asleep finally.

I am going to try to do two posts a weekend.  TRY is the operative word.  No more than one chapter per week per story though.  I need something, so if I do run out of stuff, I can write something and maybe have something to post.

I will say not this chapter of Edge, but the next one has me shocked I wrote it, and laughing my head off.  It is an example of what happens when I am not pushed to write for a story, these little bits of humor makes it in the story.

Right now I am jamming to “Get Back” by the Beatles.  I love my hometown of Tucson, Arizona is mentioned in it. And that I can sing it word for word on tune.. lol.  And I have to say I love my freaking list of songs. I can have a brand new song next to a classic.  I have been also playing Pokemon Go.  I have no idea what the heck I am doing, nor do I care.  I think they are cute, though I am really done with the many rattata’s that seem to be in my area.  But I love that I caught the most powerful Pokemon so far in my hallway.  <snickers!>  So far the Kadabra is the one that made everyone laugh as it batted away my balls with his spoon.  I want to know who makes up these things.

I got it because Connor and I are going to start walking when it gets cooler.  It was 115 as a heat index, and right now is the coolest it has been at 9 pm in weeks at 88 heat index.  I hate humidity, and since we are under a flash flood watch tonight, it seems it will not be getting much better.  But I figured it would be interesting to walk not just a normal little square, but to go exploring.  This way we both get all happy, and we get exercise.  And I get to catch cute little things.

So… reminders!!!


You want blood awards, I did a post that lays out all my stories that are eligible.  PLEASE make sure you nominate!!!  When she tried this in April, there were not many nominations and she pulled it.  Please go in, and nominate!!!!


I’m going to be still working on the banners and so on for the blogs.  If you have not been updated (banner the same size as the others) on my Blogs I Love Page, I have not done you yet.  If you have not posted and are not on the list at ALL, you need to contact me.  The banners are being made as close to your headers on your Home pages.  Or if I feel like making one, but this is so rare, the work in trying to reproduce the headers is not really all that easy.  I have way too many fonts.    If you want to make your own, the size is 888×499.  It just needs to have your name on it.  For the other place being used, your ‘card’ will be the first thing they see in the listing.  Or as a slider.  So make it unique!  Please send it to

Outlaws and Angels 2b

And of course there is the Writing Contest.  Tomorrow will be the halfway mark…  I am looking forward to the submissions.  And me making the banners.  I need to start up my lessons again.  But when do I have the time anymore? Ah well.

Here is the ‘card’ for tonight:

Bite My Tongue 1

She is a writer of many talents, and she loves to Twilight Crossovers.  Her favorite?  TVD and/or The Originals with Bella. And her stories are so unique!!! And then there was the year of one shots last year.  Check out her if you are looking for some awesome stories to read!

And here is the chapter:


Finally, I wish to thank all of you who are donating to the site. It relieves Robin and I’s minds.  Why does school time and everything seem to hit all at once.

Now I am going to watch Murphy run around the house like a crazy dog.  Seriously, he runs in here, looks at me and if I look back, he takes off runnign and jumping through the house.  I think someone is feeling his Wheaties.  And who fed him?!?!?  Robin?!?!?!?


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