Cause I am finally getting this out for you!

Yes, I had other chapters I could have done, but I wanted another chapter of Sacred done for you guys since I need to edit so many of them.  There was alot of back and forth’s.  One time of me erasing all of tj6james6 hard work for a couple of words change.  Yeah, I try to forget that one.

But, I have it done, banners done and so forth.

You can run off to read…. But…


Have you voted yet in Bertie Bott’s contest today?  If not, click the link, and vote.  I participated and am excited to let you know which one is mine hopefully this weekend.  If allowed.  I think.  LOL.

Outlaws and Angels 2b

And have you worked on your submission for the writing contest for this month?  Outlaws and Angels.  There is no minimum, no maximum.  You can do a poem, a haiku or a story.  Just put your pen to paper, fingers to the keyboard, crayon on the wall (only if it is your house.)  Whatever it takes! (and don’t forget to pick up your participation banner if you did submit!)

Also, if you are a blogger, have you sent me a link, banner and so forth?  I will be working on some of those tonight.  I am not only doing it for Robin’s site, but for my own site, so if you want your blog advertised for free on my site, do it now.  Later on, I don’t know if I will be doing blogs once it is running, so I won’t have the chance I do now. Above are some of the banners done for the site…

I am currently working on doing some chapters, but I will admit Sacred took alot of that time when I could be editing to get ready for you guys, but I hope you like it!

3 Sacred 2 1



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