Yep…  Interesting post.

So here is the good news, I was thinking last night, I want to work on the original stories.  Which is great for those that are authorized to read the original stories, but for those of you that are here for the fanfiction, not so much.

Until I remembered there is one OF that I released to you guys…

Remember this story?

Our Road Banner

Yeah that one.  I reworked the names on the 1st chapter, and I need to get it out to my beta after one last lookie through.  So there will be something for you to read.  And it is Original Fiction, but I will tell you this one shows what happened to Nora from ED.

And I got the new chapter of Tired Wings are Falling back, so I will be working on that on Saturday.  As well as working on some other chapters for editing.

Now for the ‘on my knees begging’.

Last year Robin and I needed to ask for donations for the site.  We needed it for the site itself ($200) and for the security that needed to be done since hackers love my site. ($30 a month).  You guys came through and we took the money and paid not only the amounts needed, but also got additional things that made the site run faster and so on.

Now we need to ask again.  Both Robin and I are tapped out for money when it comes to the site.  We pay for additional things for the site when the money ran out, and I found out that Robin paid for the security herself for the last few months without letting me know.  But RL interfered with it’s pesky self and hit us both at the same time with some huge ouchies.

So I hate to ask, but we need to, to keep the site up.  The security as you can see is our biggest part of the budget.  But we can’t skimp on that.  And yes, some of the other stuff was implemented before we had to maintain that much for security.  However, it keeps the site free from viruses and hackers.

The site being mine, allows more freedom for a lot of stuff, including the contests.  Since it is ours, we can run what we want, and not worry if it may conflict with anything WordPress deems OK.  It may not seem alot, but the freedom of being allowed to do whatever we want on the site allows a lot of creative freedom.  IT also allows us to sidestep a lot of issues that WordPress has coughCommentscough.  Since 4Padfoot aka Robin can write the code to allow us to activate them all the time.

Plus part of what we pay for is that help when you guys notified us that no one could leave comments.  That had all the help desks busy with it, but Robin stayed on top of it and we got it fixed.

So please help us out.  I will do the same as last time, and if you don’t want your name published online as a public thanks, please let us know. Or your screen name so that we can publish that.  Because we appreciate it very much and want others to know how awesome you people are.   And we will leave the donation button all the time on the sidebars on the posts and pages.  PaypalDonateButton

Now I am off to get that chapter above done, and then work on Aos Si.  It’s time I used this writing thing and see if I can make something out of it.  I hope I can.

Kittyinaz & 4Padfoot