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I had to.

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Ok, for those that are not part of the Kittyinaz Facebook Group, you had no idea what was going on.  All of a sudden I just disappeared.

Sorry about that.  I wasn’t sick, but I was.  If that makes sense.  I had body aches, chills and sometimes just wanted to crawl into a dark place and hibernate.  Headaches and so on.  It sucked.  I thought it was me needing a break, instead, I ended up wishing I could work.


I had plenty of time for finally watching some shows I have been meaning to watch.

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First off, was Shanarra Chronicles.

For those that read the books, it starts off close but quickly goes sideways.  I loved it.  But then, I love post-apocalyptic stories.  I blame Robert Adams and his Horseclans for my first interest, then the Dragonriders of Pern.  I love reading of the future, and what made the world lose the technology it had.  (By the way, Islands in Time by S.M. Stirling is another favorite of mine!)

That took one night.  (yes I watched the whole season in one night.)

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Then I went and M in the room with me, started Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  M didn’t think he would like it, but we fell in love with it, and especially for me, with SkyeWard.  I totally ship these two!!!  However, for those that have watched the show, you know why I am upset.  Not telling the rest of you, since it is a huge spoiler.  But holey cow, batman.  I normally like Joss Whedon!!!  And we are only up to the next to last episode of Season 2…

So I have gone off to read Fanfiction, and am flabbergasted on the results of my hunt.  Though, you know that prompt of finding the name of your soulmate on you, or the first words they say to you on your body?  Yeah, this is a HUGE fandom behind the idea.  And I am excited.  For one lady went through and did a bunch of one shots, and allowed people to take that chapter and turn them into stories.  Awesome….

The results of this is that I may take the Beast out of Tired Wings, and replace with Simmons.  Cause she would be the better choice.  But I may not.  I do have an idea of a story though…  And it ties into the universe I am kinda starting to build around Tired Wings.  And another fiction I wrote.

But not until I am done with the original fiction, or done posting the first one, since I am completely done writing it, just need to edit it.

For today, I have an old one:

The Sun Hold the Moon 2

Yes, I really have an update for this story. I warned everyone that this one takes forever to write and beta for it.  We are trying to be careful with the fiction since it is one of the more demanding fandoms, and well, I want to do justice to it.


So we double, triple check the data. I need to write on it, I have only one more chapter banked.  But I have a clearer idea due to the beta (who really rocks!!!!!!!!) and I will be able to work on this once I have some more chapters edited.  Right now, I am busy getting better, as well as making sure you have updates.

Outlaws and Angels 2b

Reminder, the contest for Outlaws and Angels is ending on Wednesday midnight, CST.  I am looking forward to reading what you guys came up with.

I hope that I can feel better tomorrow to work, but I am getting tired now, and need to relax.  Enjoy the chapter!!!


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