Nor have I forgotten you guys.

I am working on the newest chapter of Sacred for your reading pleasure.  It’s going back and forth between tj6james6 and I.  She has good points from the last work through I had, so I am going to go back and work those in.  I’m also working on another chapter of a story I cannot tell you about.  This week, as long as RL doesn’t come into play like it did last night, is spent getting more chapters ready for the betas so when I go into the OF writing mode, I don’t have to worry about chapters for you guys right away.

Also, for those not in my Facebook Group, I sent out a call to bloggers.  If you have a Blog, and can do banners, or have someone doing banners for you, I need a banner in the size 888×499.  If you have one, please send it to me at the kittyinazsbetas@gmail.com.  Along with your blogs address.

I will advise you guys to update your Abouts.  I am using them.  The reason?  Let’s say I am updating my Blogs I love as well as someone we all love is doing a rec story and blog site.  My rec’s got to be too huge for us to update on this site.  Seriously, a couple hundred on Fanfiction.net alone.  I will admit I am spending much more time making the banners for it than anything else, so if you want me to make one, know I am going to try to reproduce the one on your blog.  I just don’t have time to spend on making them to order.

So if you are in my Blogs I Love page, you will be done.  If you update and I follow you, you will be done.  The ones that I have finished so far have been updated, I have a couple new banners to put in that I received today.  Any others, well you can always send the details to me in the above email addy.  I would give you guys the personal one, but frankly, I have enough junk that would be sent by grabbing the email from here.


Also, Bertie’s Contest is ending Friday, and to quote her:

Currently we have a tie for second place and 1st and 3rd have narrow leads. Another close one as predicted, so make sure you vote for your favorites today! Voting is allowed once a day, so if you’re torn between multiple stories feel free to stagger your votes accordingly! – Bertie Bott

So please don’t forget to vote!!! And as the banner to her page shows, I Participated!

And of course, there is my own contest…..

Outlaws and Angels 2b

I am off to work on chapters, banners and so on.  See ya soon!

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