Yeah, I was not kidding when I said I would work on Weekends on Fanfiction.  But I may or may not do another update.

It takes me like 2 hours to work on updating the site.  I make the banners, add pics, and then do all the linking.  Luckily when I need a second away when something is frustrating me or if I wanna know if my idea looks alright, my ladies online help out.

Every other week (which this is one of them) I have Grandma day, that means I end up spending the day with her.  the last two times, (including yesterday) I end up not sleeping the night before.  Yesterday I crashed at 6:30 pm, and only woke up about 10:30 for a brief break and crashed again until 1:30 this afternoon. Evidently I needed the sleep. 

As many of you probably saw, I did get a chapter done, and now I just need to work on more new chapters.  I also will work on the one I am publishing for you guys the first day of the week.


As for the Donation drive, we have reached the halfway mark.  We thank you, and once Robin and I can get to it, expect personalized thank you cards coming for those over $50, as well as a page to recognize those who donated.  It is people like you that make this site run, where Robin and I work on our passions, (writing and working on the site).  And we greatly appreciate it.

Outlaws and Angels 2b

Please don’t forget the Outlaws and Angels writing contest.  I have been hearing of others wanting to enter, and I encourage everyone to do so!  It opens the chance to find new authors, or allow established authors to find out if they put their toes in a new fandom if it would be favorable.  Like me!!!  I entered Ashley’s contest and the feedback I got, then here tell me you are enjoying my little Avengers escapade.  If you have participated, don’t forget this gem also!!!

PArticipation Banner 1

I didn’t think that you guys will end up with more chapters to read, but it seems like that is what is going on.  I know what I will be working on are a couple of chapters for next weekend.  I finish them up and send the notification out to beta’s for updates.   Unfortunately, this means I won’t be working on new stuff trying to get the stuff I wrote out to you.  Once I catch up, I will publish what I can.  Never more than one chapter for each story that week, but how many stories are up to me.

I am not giving up with stories.  I have plenty to work on, and a very limited time to work on them.  Hopefully, I can catch up, and get some stuff out to be published.  I really want to get my series done, since I know what I am doing with each story, this should be quick.  But it is how much I can get out typing.  And I am hoping with each ‘book’ being about a specific couple mainly, with some Pack action going on as well, this will make it all work with my muse.

And as I mentioned on other sites, this is my focus, since it takes me a long time to update all the sites.  Probably Better In Texas will get more, since I get alot of reviews and readers over there.  We will see.

Also, for some reason, the site is needing to be reset for pics to show up.  This weekend, I told Robin to do it on Sunday.  So I hope this works. Since I was the first to have the issues, I check the site.  The charcter banners are all showing up for me, and that is the real kicker for now.

I am also working on the Blogs I follow page on the site, as well as Robin’s mystery site… While I am at it, I figure I will give a shout out each week to some newcomers to Blogging!  Some may have been here for awhile, but are new to my list…

LightK 1

She has entered into my writing contests, for Choosing his Path (which she won 1st) and for Sands of Time (she won 2nd!)  She decided to have a site, and those two stories are there.  click on the banner to be taken to her site.

Now for the chapter you have been reading all this for:

4 Wings 1a

I am off to work on chapters, I hope you enjoy this one!