3 Wings 1

This is the last chapter that was published in the contest.

I updated the Characters with the next chapter’s people, to tease you all.  Well Most of them, I think there is another character I need to do, but still.  They are updated.  Also, if you click on the banners on the character page, they will take you to the respective Wikis for them.  I used them heavily to make sure I mostly stayed inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  For those that do not read the comics, Marvel includes Deadpool and the X-Men.  I dip into this fact some, but no worries that you need to know more about them since I am using them for a reason.

Other than that, I will be checking out some things, then relax.  I loaded up a bunch of pics for you guys to feast your eyes on.  Tomorrow, or tonight if I cannot sleep, will have me working on updating other sites (and this one kinda).  Enjoy!


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