First off, don’t forget you need to have your entries in by the 31st, midnight.  That is on Wednesday, CST!  If you need an extension (since I did when I entered one in the past) just contact me.

Second, as normal, I have gotten the next contest ready.  This will be the last ‘normal’ contest, the next one will be the annual holiday version, done like I did last year to give you guys reading material for the holidays.

October 2016 1

This is mostly a crossover challenge, made possible by the wonderful people over at BuzzFeed.  But this is NOT limited to the ones listed.  These are to fire up the synapses for the muses.  I would love to see ANY crossover.  Marvel Cinematic Universe and True Blood?  Awesome!!!!!   (there is that Nordic influence there ya know?)  Twilight and You’ve Got Mail*?  Go for it!! I didn’t finish mine, but someone else could do it!!  Anything your mind can come up is possible.  Replace the characters of one universe with another?  Go for it!!   You want to redo the Gods and Generals* with others?  Go right ahead!!!

Here is a link to the Buzzfeed article that inspired this whole thing:


I just wanted to give something that might interest you guys…

These will be due by the 15th of October.  Midnight CST and all that jazz. There is a Participation banner on the main page for it.  And yes, I had some fun making the banner.

And just a hint of what is coming this year for Christmas?   Think of the past….  Hey… I couldn’t give it away too early!


*You’ve Got Mail is my favorite movie, and Gods and Generals is one of the ones my hubby likes.  (Civil War)
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