Aos Si 1

So here I am, with the first chapter being published on Aos Si, since I last wrote on it.

I never expected to be able to jump kinda right back in.  I say kinda, since I spent days researching what I had written before, writing up stats and worrying about other things.

Worrying seems to be the new default for hubby and I.  But, we will get through this and I am doing my side of our agreement.

For those that may have forgotten, or have joined since then, Only pre-readers who review chapters are accepted.  The reason is for to get feedback on the chapters.  They are REALLY rough.  These pre-readers get to see how stories are before I go back and add everything.  I literally write these out, come out here and save the chapter.  This is what I normally do with chapters when I am in the writing mode.  I write out my ideas and the movie in my head.  I try to add what I can but there is a limit.

I can tell you how rough they are, when I went back to read the chapters published already.  Oops… There are alot of oops… Words missing, wrong words used and so on.  I normally catch these when I am editing, or even my betas have had to come back and ask, Huh?  It’s why I use beta’s.  Not only they make the grammar part pretty, they are another set of eyes that can see what I am missing.

But each of the pre-readers HAVE to leave a review about the chapter.  If they do not, we do have to tell them that we are no longer allowing them to read it.  Pre-reading is to help me when I go back and edit these things, (which only the betas will see at that point) I can see what is going on, and what they are thinking.  If it is the direction I want it to go, then I am all for leaving in things.  If it is not described enough and makes them go ‘huh?’ and not where I plan the huh’s to be, I know to make sure I clarify my point.

So without much ado, I will link the newest chapter to the car below.  (which is Jason’s)  The banner above will take you to the first chapter.

Jason and his car 1

If you are a pre-reader, and don’t know the password, well you can contact us, and once we verify you were a pre-reader, the passwords will be handed out.  But be aware, Rissa is sleeping.  (No waking her up!) and I am working on some stuff.  It may take awhile.