It is that time!!!

I’m going to list the stories so you can know what will be eligible. April 15, 2015, to August 1, 2016

First off All The stories that are eligible:

Crossing 1Completed 9/25/15

Sacred 1a First Posting – 04/02/16

Picking Down Clocks 1 (x-over) – 6/4/16

Edge 1 (x-over) – 4/12/16

Now, the ladies who make me look good, so they get1st entry under the categories.

Eagle Eye – Best Beta

Category nominated by authors for the stories they help with, must provide story title

Christine: Crossing The Fine Line

Juliet709 – Put Your Feet up to The Edge

MistressJEssica1028 – Picking Down Clocks

tj6james6 – Some Sacred Place in Time

The Hybrid Award – Best Crossover

Category for all crossover stories with other fandoms

Picking Down Clocks (x-over) – 6/4/16

Put Your Feet Up To The Edge (x-over) – 4/12/16

I am not saying anything, you have the stories above that qualify for the following awards:

Mr. January Award- Best Lemon

Category for best love/sex scene

The Greatest Love Story – Favorite Story

Category for best story of the year

Rollercoaster Award – Best Angst/Drama/Cliffhangers

Category for those stories that are able to leave you gasping for breath

The Viking Award – Best Eric

Category for the Best Eric in a story

The Saucy Award – Best Sookie

Category for the Best Sookie

The Flying Monkey Award – Best Villain

Category for the best villain, must provide name

Sacred so far has:

Bill 1

Crossing the Fine Line:



Bill 1

Who the Hell Are You Award – Best OC

Category for the best Original Character, must provide name

The following is a list of characters that would qualify for Cross The Line.  Some Sacred Place in Time doesn’t really have any for you guys…yet…..  I put them in a slideshow cause there are many…  I also have a character page here.

Pins and Needles Award – W.I.P. story you wait anxiously for updates on

Category for WIP stories only and last update must have been in the dates provided

These are all the WIP Stories as well as the last update.

Sacred 1a

08/04/16 (most recent but the one that qualifies: 04/01/16)

Best of the Best Award – All Time Favorite Story

Category for the best story of all time.  This is the only category with NO time limit.  Yes . . . Any story can be nominated for this award.


In The End 1

Crossing 1

Sacred 1a

EricIsMine Award – Favorite Author

Category for your favorite author

Van Gogh Award – Best Artist

Category for artists who make banners, gifs, videos to visually enhance stories   ( I make most if not all of mine own now.  There are others, markedly Gyllene that makes some of mine like What if, and Picking Down Clocks!)  And I made sure, but all my videos are made my 4Padfoot, and she told me she isn’t allowed to be nominated.  But I wanted to mention her!


I think that should give you a good head start.  Yes, all banners link back to the story cover page.  I am off to work on other things, liek updating other sites and Robin’s project.