Sadly, that is all the updates I had.

I went through each and every page looking for anything that had been marked Pending and checked to see if it had been done by betas.  There are still a few out there for the betas to work on, and I am all done with all the updates to chapters I am working on.

What do I mean by this?  That all I the chapters I wrote (Aos Si) and any I worked on (Our Road) is updated in WordPress. Now I can work on new chapters for the Original Fiction, and for tomorrow, I can work on the Sacred chapter I have been working on.  I should say finish it.  The trouble with this chapter is that I want to read the rest.  But I am going through and seeing if there is something I need to clarify.  Something I see in the movie, that I am not seeing on ‘paper’.

But at least there hopefully is one chapter out there for you to read!!!!

And I know I was light on pics, (unless it was a chapter I had loaded with pics before) but seriously, I am tired and I think I worked a little too long.  I am off to relax, and hopefully eat some more.  Food is kinda important.

Enjoy the chapters, and I will let you know when the transfer has finished.  Thanks for all who donated, this is the money you donated in action.  If we didn’t move, there would have been pictures going missing and who knows what else.  This way, we might get more action on our ‘issues’ when they happen.

See you on the flip side!

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