So you guys have noticed I am not online the last week nor have I really posted anything…

The reason is one, I was sick all week.  Different stuff but basically lots of headaches and my stomach.

The other reason was that the site is being moved over.  They are having issues with it, seems they get about 65% of the way done then something happens.  I checked with Robin to make sure this would be ok, so today I will be trying to post a bunch of updates.  I hate doing this since it throws off my stats, and I can’t easily tell what stories you guys are enjoying the most.  So please at least like the story if not comment so I can get a feel on what is going on?

The bad thing is that I cannot be sure when I will be able to update until the move is done.  I for one, am excited to see how the move will affect some of our backend things, but I suspect that it will be the same.  WordPress needs a better database for pictures.  That is my biggest complaint I have is the pictures.  I went back and reread some of my stories (tin man and OUaT) and they were missing pics.  Some were grayed out boxes, others were just missing, but I know I made the banners at least for the top of the pages.


So I will be working on this for as long as I can before I veg out.  I don’t want to push myself too much since today is the first time I felt kinda normal.  Not 100% but at least not wanting to stay in bed and be bored reading… I exhausted a new fandom already.

It might take me a bit of time for each update to make banners, but I promise to have some up today.  Sorry to flood your inboxes, but I think you guys deserve them.


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