So I have a present for you guys.  Technology removed another present, but the super beta known otherwise as tj6james6 is working to redo all the corrections and notes that she had already done for a chapter.  Stupid Technology.  First, it made me lose days in redoing all my settings and drivers with the new update, then I have lost Outlook 2016 connecting at all to my email.  Now a chapter has somehow lost all of it’s comments, fixes and so on.  And that had been after a huge snafu with Drive deciding not to sync with anyone.

Now it is telling me I need room on my computer.  Wonder why?  (iTunes!!!!  I’m telling you I load so much music it ain’t funny!  This will be the second time I filled a computer with music…)

With all the hiccups we have been having (and I am still blaming Windows for 99.99999% of it since all the issues have arrived after the update!) I am happy to present the next chapter of Tired Wings.


Now this story is completely written, and I even know what I want to do for the couples in the new ones, but I am thinking I need to wait at least for Ragnorak.  Just to tell you what is going on.  There is no cliff-hanger in this one, it ends decisively. I just know my couples and I wanna write them!!!!

I even wrote a chapter last night to Sacred.  I have been stuck moving on Part II with it, but Heathens by twenty one pilots was stuck in my head all day, and I found it perfect for the catch-up chapter.

I have been editing Tired to get it off my plate, up to chapter 7 which I just need to run through again to make sure, since I really didn’t change much in it last night.  (I have been averaging doubling the chapters the previous days.) So I want to go over it to see if it really is ready to send to the beta.

Outlaws and Angels 2b

While you are here, why don’t you stop by the Writing Challenge?  It will be ending in less than 25 hours, my time.  That is ALSO the ending for submissions for the October Challenge also.  If you need an extension, let us know.

And… When it is over… I will be announcing the start of the Christmas Challenge.  I do this each year, and figure if something ever happens, that I will hold this one every year from now on.  I will be bringing back the Fairy Tales contest as well next year, since alot of people enjoyed it.

Image result for get comfy gif

So…Go grab a drink, make yourself comfy, (For the colder temperature, get yourself a tea or hot chocolate.  Unless you have alot to still do or just starting your day then grab your wake-up beverage of choice.) Settle in and read a chapter of Tired Wings are Falling, then mosey over to the challenge to read (and leave a review for the authors to be able to reply to in 25 hours or less depending when you read this!) the awesome stories that I have made available to you.

Then if you are interested, I will tell you the Christmas Challenge IS on the site ready to be looked over if you know where to look for it…



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