Yes, you heard correctly, it is time for some Tea Shoppe!

I have an update to both the Twilighted and the original.  I know, I know.  I’m behind on updating, but I had what was trying to be a migraine after I posted on Tuesday.  I should be having one soon, since we are getting a cold front pushing through, and I am extremely sensitive to barometric pressure changes.

Plus, tomorrow is grandma day and is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL.  I love cold fronts, they wipe away the humidity and give us cooler weather.  It looks like we will have both Friday and Saturday of pretty weather, so who knows what will happen those days.

For what has been going on, not much.  Right now I am surrounded by pets, especially a Connor who is thrilled with Mom being up and in the office.  I am going to try to write or edit something.  We will see, since I am also trying to work around the possibility of a storm.  I even threw my sheets and stuff in the wash early so I can hopefully get them done ahead of time.

So if I don’t talk to you before Sunday, have a great weekend.

And in case you might have forgotten these are all the chapters updated so far this week:


Tired Wings are Falling


Some Sacred Place in Time


Tea Shoppe


Twilighted Tea Shoppe

If one of the pics are missing (stupid database), please click on the words for the pic.  It will still take you to the chapter. Enjoy!