I think we can all agree with that.

I am staying off of social media except for the Kittyinaz’s Group for the time being.  I am also going to be working on my dream story, which may not be very long, but we will see.  Mostly I am trying to end the year with minimal stress, and hopefully the excitement of owning a house here in the next couple of days.

Right now, I am just too overwhelmed with all the things happening in the world, that I think we all need some breaks.  Once I get this story out of my head, I will be editing some chapters so that 2017 will have some chapters to go for you guys in January.

I am also going to warn you that the first couple of weeks is a lot of looking through the site and seeing what needs to be done for 2017.  Adding banner contests and so on, seeing where we are funds wise, and so on.

So while I don’t have anything for you now, I have plans.  Manageable plans.  Hopefully, the Muse will work with me.