For the Banners are made, the poll is ready for you to vote for your favorite story.

Yes, the Christmas Carols are ready for you to read!   There are some really long ones in this batch, that took me longer than normal to read.  That with the holiday season and the purchasing of our first home took more out of me than I expected.


But please read these submissions, leave a comment behind for the authors to read.  You have until the 30th (since I am busy, I am thinking others are also!!).

So settle down with a comfy blanket, some snacks and a beverage of your choice.  Pull up your reading device and read some awesome stories.

Authors, grab the participation banner and let your readers know that you participated!!!!  You just can’t give any hints away!!!!

And also, if you are looking for more Christmas Stories, The Fangbangers Anonymous is doing their Advent Calender, The awesome miss Carol E Stweart has a Christmas story for you to read with Eric.  And I have my story from last year called Carolized…  Click on the banners below to be taken to each of these awesome event(s)/Story(ies).

If I don’t see you before then, please have a wonderful holiday(s) that you celebrate…


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