So the new year is upon us. Hope this finds you all well and happy!

I, for one, am jubilant 2016 is over.  I’m still waiting on the closing of the house, but that is all snafu’s and so on.  Thankfully my parents are the ones selling us the house, so they are willing to wait.  All I can think is that since we started this in 2016, some of the bad luck of the year is following over?  I hope that will be all that will be followed over!!

I would like to congratulate Darkest Falling Star for winning the First Place on the Banner contest I host for the Kittyinaz’s Facebook Group each month.

Our very own Padfoot won 2nd Place, which is used on the Kittyinaz’s Author page:

Unfortunately, the Gif won’t work as the facebook cover, but she did such an amazing job I asked for it to be a new signature for me…  lol

As most of you are aware, I put the site on vacation while the holidays are going on, since I am usually overwhelmed, and I suspect others are also.  But once the holidays are over, I still have the site on vacation, but I normally get some stuff done.

Like what you ask?

Generally, we start shuffling things around for the new year, open up the new year for Banners and so on.  General Site Maintenance.  If there is something you like, let us know, and if there is something you would like to see, do let us know.

I also spend this time just floating around and seeing what I did bad and good the previous year for writing.  It is always a learning process to figure out what worked and didn’t.

  • I do know I will never release a whole story at once on the site since I get told over and over that no one knew about Crossing the Fine Line.
  • Forcing myself to write is not a good idea.  I didn’t do so well for stories last year.
  • I need to go back to my way of working before; it was not perfect, but it did produce more results.
  • Do banners as I edit.  It may seem small, but I seriously spend a lot of time adding pics and banners at the end.  Now, I am going back to where if I send the chapter to the betas, I will be ready to push publish.  I used to do this so that the beta could just hit publish and let me and Robin know, so we could add in any links that were missing.  I have no idea where I got away from that, but I need to go back to it.
  • Publish either one day, or set days.  But only if I can do what I said above.  I like having people knowing that something will be released on set days.  It also helps me with my depression and getting out of bed to work on things knowing you guys are waiting on it.  I sometimes need the motivation.
  • Work when and how I want.  It seems like a repetition, but I will tell you why this matters soon.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

Not much, but you see, I started a story I had been meaning to write since they announced the Dr. Strange movie was coming out.  Nothing big, I just wanted the idea out there.  But thanks to the people in the Kittyinaz’s Facebook Group who went gaga over the chapter I asked if they would read it, and many huge kudos to TB Viking Addict, who inspired me to keep writing.  I finished it.

Yes, I worked and finished it.  Now, for some reason, the Marvel stories seem to come in shorter chapters, but still. It is finished. For the Marvel, I am waiting to see where things go, though I may be working on the sequel to Tired Wings.

I am working on finishing Tempered Grace, for those that are Skyeward fans.  And that one is NOT short.  Too many things have changed to stick to the Marvel ideas anymore.

So while I am working on at least a chapter a night for Tempered Grace, I am rereading Sacred to finish that one, so that I can go back and finish some others without my muse constantly tapping my shoulder about it.  It’s quite an annoying feeling, so I am not going to ignore it.

I will say, during this time I lifted all restrictions on me with writing writing, there are now at least one chapter or more, waiting for I Never Did and others.

All I can say is it is a learning process.  I want to finish stories, but ignoring the muse lead to last year having really nothing done.  Though I did finish Tired Wings, I didn’t finish editing it.  Oops…

And technically I should be editing Sacred as I read it, but since I am near the end of what I wrote, I think I will finish reading then go back and start editing.

But seriously, when I wrote six chapters in one night vs. struggling to write one, I think I can see what I need to do.

So I will still be working on getting things done, this year will be odd, with the remodeling we will be starting once the house is ours.  It needs to be done ASAP on the front of the house for cost savings, and to make it more ours.  But at the same time, in anticipating this, my hubby got me a laptop so that I will have a way to write still.  It has helped the last week and is where I wrote all that I did….

Hopefully, I will see you soon!!! I have chapters done for the Alice stories, and for a couple of others.  I am going to work on sending others soon.  Hopefully, the cooler weather starts again.  Difficult to believe this weekend was deep freezes for the South (My hubby will be happy that the Devil plant as he calls it, can be trimmed back majorly!) and now I am in flip flops and it is in the high 70’s.  I’m a sad panda…

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