Everyone who enters the writing challenges are winners.


It is hard to enter contests.  I still get all nervous and rethink my entries and so on.  It is easy to publish a story, you know your fans will let you know what they think.  And I cheat by giving my Facebook group teasers to see what they think of any new ideas I have.

But to submit a piece of work anonymously and see what strangers really think of it?

That is brave.

So, congrats to the ones who entered the Christmas Challenge.  It was close, I had to look a couple of times to make sure I had the right person since the numbers were only a couple off from each other.

However, as is usual, I have a 1st place and 2nd place.  Congrats to GeezerWench who is our 1st place winner with her awesome Gifts & Wishes.

The other entries are as follows:

Authors, you are now allowed to answer to any reviews.  If you want your Banners altered for your preference of an actor, let me know.  And if you need them for other formats, (i.e. Fanfiction, Better for Texas or so on) let me know.  Also, let me know if you want your story to be linked back to your site, or you are continuing elsewhere.  Unless you contact me, I think it is all hunky dory.  I’m forgetful so even if I follow your story, it might be from my iPad and I forget to link them when I get back to my computer.

As for the next contest, it will be a random one, since all the others are going to be one of two popular challenges from the past.  The Angels in the Fire, and the Fairy Tales.  The Christmas one is an annual one so it will be done closer to time.  But for the first quarter, I will probably do a picture inspiration.

I’ll see you guys later for an update on what is going on.