I spent most of the time between the last post and this one making my first ok Manip.  But I needed it since I couldn’t find any other pics to work for me…

However, the bad news is that I am done with updates.  So you will be getting two of them at once this time.


And of course here is the beginning of the story:

And the last chapter is:

And here it is from the beginning.

And that will do it.  I found some stuff to work on, as well as I am trying to finish Tired Wings up so that I am ready for the next Marvel story that I have written to the edited.  Lots for me to work on, as well as I need to start editing my original story that I am trying to write for publishing.

But hopefully you guys can motivate me along!!!!  And for anyone who has left a comment, I haven’t had a chance to read any of them since I have been working on getting these out.  But any and all are appreciated!!  They do help me feel like writing and working on this stuff.  I just need to balance writing with RL.  At least I will get more sun mowing the grass…

Until next time!