I am declaring today a day for you guys.

Plus, as I announced in my Facebook group, I feel like Shenanigans.

So…. What does this mean?

It means I will be publishing things today.  Since I am not sure when I can get another chance since I was supposed to be cleaning and so on.  Not sure what I have from the betas, but we will start in the A’s (Alice) and go from there. I will also be making notes of what stories are available after this for posting as well.  Maybe spend a day making banners and making chapters ready so all I have to do is hint publish and link? Maybe…

This means of course that the Facebook Group will get the notices ONE story before you guys do.

I need to reward their patience with all my teasing, especially when I am not able to start editing their new favorite until the end of the month when Dr. Strange comes out.