Per our wonderful Robin:

As part of our longstanding effort to keep our servers fast and reliable, the server hosting is scheduled for routine maintenance on Sunday, March 12 between 8pm and 10pm MT. You can expect approximately 30-60 minutes of downtime while the server reboots.

Please be assured we’re doing everything possible to make this a smooth transition

Just wanted you to have a heads up.

Also, for me, I have finished the Doctor Strange story, but my group convinced me to do a series of one-shots for the prequels.  I’m working on them, and the house at the same time.   Still trying to get used to new life and taking care of the house and to write.  I have the house upkeep now, the laptop with M asking me to be in the living room with him since he did buy it, and insomnia striking everytime I think I have a schedule down and throwing it away.

It sucks.  But, I am happy to have the house and of all things, I love to mow the lawn.  So far.   Which is good cause in Houston, the grass grows fast enough that we are already every other week, and that is mostly because rain is preventing us from mowing the other weeks!

And I am not the only one who thinks the weather is odd out here.  It was up to 78 per my vehicle today.  And Sunday will be a high of 63.   Tomorrows is supposed to be 71…  I hate this weather!!

Hopefully, everything will be working out soon, and I will have some chapters finally ready for you.  Now that the all important taxes are done, and the budget is almost complete for the year.  yes, a budget…..  And that our internet is finally working right.  We have been having issues with it not allowing me on sites, even my own, then it stopped letting me on the internet, even with the desktop hardwired into the internet!

So, I have not forgotten you, I am working on some new stuff, along with new stuff for stories I have out there waiting on updates.  I just need time in the office to work on editing, and not have my brat of a muse sticking her tongue out at me instead of helping when I was in there earlier this week.


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