Ok, I didn’t think that would be a reaction to the results.  But hey whatever floats your boat.

Congrats to our first place winner!

The other results are as follows:

Thanks to the authors who entered and made this such close race!!!!!   You definently inspired me to make such different banners even though they were all based on the same pic!

I also added something new to the bottom of each of the stories.  I added the author cards for each of them.  These are featured on my Blogs I Follow page, and if anyone wants to have their site added, they can either submit a card 888×499 with your site address and I am more than happy to add you to them.   I am also looking to replace any in the page that are not to the new size.  I am slowly changing them all to look like the headers of your pages.

This change, I feel, will be able to allow you to follow those authors in the past and future endeavors.

As for me, My computer is fixed!!!!

I also had a meeting with the beta’s and we have a new beta to announce:

She will be taking over the Tin Man story.  I am excited to have someone working with me.  She has watched the movie and has knowledge of the books and movie that needs to be with this one.

Also, the home page where the betas rest will be updated.  There have been additional changes.  For those that applied for Beta positions, thanks, and be on the lookout.  Real Life is a bastard that takes us all down.

I am off to work on Timelines.  Remember, for me, Sundays are a day of rest.   I will be working on editing this week, as well as writing the one story I need to be in the office to write.  After this week, I will be back to editing in the morning/late night while writing in the afternoon/evening when hubby is home.  This will hopefully get me caught up where I can continue to do as I was, writing when the urge hit me.

Congrats again to the authors who more than deserve it.  I will be working on the banner and posting the next contest here shortly.