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First off, I had a visitor to the casa, my aunt from Omaha.  She was alot of fun but didn’t have hardly any time to do much.  Seems my body hated the fact that I had to get up early to do things, and decided that insomnia will return.

On top of that, my desktop is acting majorly up.

Now to explain what is going on, if you remember, M bought me a laptop for a present.  I have been needing one since my last one went kaputt on me.  I had tried to use an iPad for writing, but there were issues.  More issues arose when my mom gave me her Samsung Chromebook to see if I can work on that.  Sadly, Chromebook wouldn’t allow me to access Drive AND Microsoft Word.  Huge problem!!!

So M got me the laptop.  Which I find, by far, I am much more attached to writing on it.

But editing?


See, the desktop has two monitors and the office is set up for me working in there.  Whiteboards, notebooks and so on.  And the two monitors.  For I use One Note to work on my stories.  Notes, timelines, talking with betas and so on.  So while I am editing, I look in One Note to see if the Beta had any questions, as well as seeing my notes and even researching.  I use a majority of different programs when I edit to make sure I am not saying the same word multiple times and to make sure the facts that sounded too good when I wrote it, actually work.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I research a lot when I am writing.  But that is much easier to do it then and note things on One Note then go on.  One screen is actually better for me to write to.

But, I went in to work on my Fire Series, which I now need two monitors just to write it.  The members of the Kittyinaz’s Facebook Group loved the prequel so much they wanted to read more of it.  (which I will include below so you guys have some ideas.  No dumping on it, this is raw and not edited, not timelined or anything.  Just me pure writing.)

So I am attempting to write the portions of the beginning.

Here is the chapter AS IS:

Pre Edit Count – 2,665 Words

Song I listened to for this chapter: Heathens by twenty one pilots

Sighing as she looks out the window, Bella wonders when the world turned so topsy turvy on her.

Sure she had thought she had known strange when she was a teenager and meeting the Cullens then knowing the truth of the wolves.

But then had come the results of her tests when her father had forced her to the doctors.  He didn’t think it was normal that she became so despondent when the idiot Edmund had left.  Sure she has his capacity for love and he was pretty out of it when Renee left with Bella.

But nothing like this.

So, he had overruled her, and they both had been surprised by the results of the testing that she had been put through.  Seems there is something wrong with her DNA and there are aberrations that are causing some serious medical issues.

Her brain was misfiring, and the only way it could tell her was through her nightmares and through her unusual symptoms.

She was slowly dying.

Her body is slowly dying on her, and there is nothing that can be done.

Her father, bless him, had refused that answer.  Charlie had started to call around to find someone, anyone to help his daughter.  There had to be a cure in this world.

As he searched, the world was shocked by the awakening of Captain America.  Then there was rumors of something unusual in New Mexico.  Whatever it had been, it had sent the government and Charlie’s step brother in a frenzy. In fact, it made it hard to contact Clint to see if he knew anyone who could help through his connections.

It had taken the aliens invading New York City to make it where they realized that the odd was now becoming a staple of their world along with beings that you can call legitimately super heroes.  That had Bella being glued to the television with her father and amazed when she saw her Uncle Clint in the midst of the battle fighting with the others.

Luckily after that, Clint had answered their calls and listened with growing horror of what was happening with his niece. For Clint, Bella was more his daughter than niece.  She had come to him often while living with Renee.  For Renee would leave her on his doorstep many times when she felt she had enough of the teenager that was so off to her.

The results of Clint becoming involved was immediate.  Bella had said goodbye to her father, and moved into Clint’s home for he and his wife to take care of her.  Charlie was relieved, not because she gone, but because Bella would have someone that could help her completely.  There were some issues with her having need help for a more personal need than any father wants to do for their teenage daughter, or for that matter, what Bella was comfortable with.

Charlie had inquired about moving closer, but Clint had reluctantly told him that he had moved his family in a place that no one can find them easily.    But, Laura was the one that told Charlie, “You need to think on what you want to do, Charlie.  She might have to get involved with people that you cannot know.  But it might heal her.”

With that in mind, Charlie had talked to Bella, and between the two they decided that if this is what it takes for her to live, that they will deal with it.  Clint had assured him that they will be able to talk either by mail or phone calls if he can pull it off.

Finally, Clint came and took Bella to his homestead, letting Fury know that he needed to talk to him about a family problem.

Fury came to the homestead to meet Bella, and to be frank, he had admired the teen.  Within a small amount of time, Clint, Natasha and Fury listened to her story, and what she thinks is really happening to her.

None of them could believe there was an entire subculture of beings that they had no information on.  Not to mention that they somehow have managed never to get on Shield’s radar.  Once they start looking at the information that Bella is giving them, they realized that there had been those that had been interested in Volturi, but each time that they tried to investigate, there had been orders from higher up telling to ignore them.

This sent off red flags for all of them, making it where Fury and Natasha left with the promises to look into a solution for Bella, while also looking into the issue they are finding about these mysterious orders.

Seeing Bella’s look in her eyes of giving up hope, Clint and Laura are quick to tell her that they will talk with their friends to see what they can do.

For the next couple of months, Clint had Bella introduced to the other Avengers as both Banner and Tony work on trying to find a solution to her issue.  They soon got in touch with FitzSimmons and Dr. Cho for help, since it seemed Bella was rejecting any solutions they were finding.

Bella had went to Clint’s when Thor came down for a mission to find Loki’s Scepter.  Thor had met her, and had suggested asking his father if he knew anything, but later told Bella that he was not sure if that would be a good idea when Odin had been so against Jane being in Asgard.  But he did promise to ask others around for information.

The sad thing is he said that Loki would have been the one that could have helped her, but with his brother dead, he is not sure he can find out where the information Loki had mentioned once about some cold beings on Midgard had come from.

It had been a shopping trip that had sent the Barton’s in a frenzy, with the Avengers soon helping when Bella came up missing.  No one knew where she had gone, and the only clues was her pressing her panic button Tony had made for her.  It laid on the ground broken when they tracked it down.

With this, they soon brought the might of Shield to find the missing member.  For Bella was everyone’s little sister to the group.  Even Clint had admitted that she was much more than a niece to him.

Fury was pissed since somehow the individuals had managed to take out any surveillance.  It had been another clue that there was much more going on than any of them imagined.  This set of circumstances had allowed them to be ready when HYDRA had come out of the shadows.  Coulson was shown to be alive, and had been hunting down Bella with his team.

It had been a huge show down in the end, with Bucky and Steve fighting on a carrier as Coulson’s team took out the teams at the Triskelion.  Luckily the rest of the Avengers had been put on alert when things started to happen, and they came in on the locations that Shield needed to keep under their control.

Though Fury had mentioned darkly a few times how much he had been under attack that he allowed Tony near one of the focal points, in the end, the teamwork of those that they had known loyal to Shield had managed to keep the chaos from spreading.

Unfortunately, the world was shocked when they learned exactly how much they had been under control of HYDRA.  So much had been told to them not to be true while secretly they continued the experiments and so forth.

HYDRA was out of the shadows, and out of Shield.  But they are still functioning, forming their own factions, using media to make them seem not so bad.  They had nations being part of them, withdrawing from their support of Shield.  They tried to get Shield disbanded by showing the illegal activities, but it backfired on them when Tony and Skye, a member of Coulson’s team, soon flooded the internet with the truth.

Edited of course.

It had become a war on the political fields, all the while the teams furiously searched for any sign of Bella.

One of the shocks was when Grant Ward had come forward and warned Coulson of the danger of John Garrett.  It had come after a talk with Clint when they had joined the hunt for the Clairvoyant.  Things had fallen into place and Grant, for the first time in his life, choose love.

The man had been shocked when nothing had happened the way he had planned.  John Garrett, by the skin of his teeth, managed to have luck on his side at first.  But when the cards had fallen, Grant had been working with Skye and Tony on going through who was left to make sure all the agents that Grant had known were HYDRA were truly outed.

It had been a full team that had descended upon John Garrett’s home and after a long fight, managed to get him arrested.  He had shouted to them that they will never find their precious Swan in time to save her.

Mistake of his life.

Garrett disappeared.  Then Skye and Tony had been hacking a few installations that they attacked to free the prisoners that they found clues to the ugly duckling.

Remembering Garrett and his comment on their Swan, it soon has the team working on trying to track down more information.

Only Natasha found to her horror, mentions of Loki’s Scepter being used on humans for experimentation.  She had turned over the information to Fury’s team that had been working over Garrett, as well as letting her teams know what she had found.

Once the information had been extracted and they had found what they had looked for, they had gone after the installation.  It had been a battle, but by the end of it, Tony had found Bella shivering in a cell.

He had sent his suit to look through the castle for more information while he called for help with Bella.

Seeing how he cared, Wanda backed away from Tony, not wanting to hinder the help for the woman that had protected her and her brother when the pain had gotten too much. Bella had also talked to them about the changes in Tony, which they had scoffed at.  But now they are seeing it with their own two eyes, as Tony begs Bella not to give up.

Pietro growls, but he soon is running out of the building, grabbing an agent bundled up and takes off his coat then running back in to cover the tiny female.  Tony had looked up in shock when the coat was shoved at him.

He finally got JARVIS telling him that the team was coming to help him.  With this information, he smiled at Bella informing her that she had changed them all, and she better not give up with everyone coming.

It had been Clint who had somehow beat the rest of the team.  He came in and slid on his knees to Bella’s side, his face locking down when he saw how bad she was.  With a curse, he soon is asking for Dr. Cho to be ready with the cradle if they are going to have any hope of Bella to be normal.

While this is going on, the Maximoffs slip out of the castle, trying to understand what is going on.

Shield is soon cleaning up, while the Avengers are picked up by the Bus and taken to New York with FitzSimmons working on Bella trying to get her stabilized.

The mood was solemn, but there was a subtle hint of relief in everyone for finding her.  Thor had already locked away the scepter, Tony and the rest working on having everything ready for when they land.

Once the Bus hover’s over the Avenger Tower, they unload Bella and rush her into the hospital section, Banner finally together enough to help the others.

To their shock, the cradle refused to acknowledge Bella.  IT acted like there was nothing wrong with her for it to fix.  In a rush, they soon are working up a full checkup, with the ones with medical knowledge turning around in shock when they looked over Bella.

Tony and Clint were both standing at either side of her, caught the movement, and asked together, “What?”

Banner is the one who hesitates and then admits, “Whatever they did, changed her completely.   She is no longer human.  But she is not vampire or anything we recognize.”

The two look at each other, then Tony is moving towards them asking them to tell him more.

It took a few days, but they found out a lot of what happened to her was due to the scepter.  And some drug that Skye had found buried in the notes from the lab that Shield had brought to them to look through.  When she saw that it had been designated GH001, she had turned white and shouted to everyone.

With a simple DNA test, they found that she had indeed been subjected to the same drug that Coulson had been brought back to life with, and that they had used on Skye to save her life.

Fury had been furious to find out that HYDRA had their own serums made from when they had the body, and that Bella had been given them to see what would happen.  It seemed Bella, even in poor health, had beaten so many odds. In fact, her and the Maximoffs are the only survivors of the testing that had been done of them.

Then had come Tony’s own findings that the scepter emitted a frequency that was causing some of Bella’s problems.  Thor had taken it to remove it from Earth, but had been shocked to find out that it had managed to capture a worker that had been close and he had taken it out of the building when Thor had announced that he will be taking it to elsewhere.

This had started a manhunt for the individual, only to find out that the Scepter had managed to merge with a computer.  After a series of events, they found out that it was the Mind Stone of the infinity Stones.  And that there had been a being inside.

He had decided that humans were an infestation, and built himself an army of robots.  He had attacked cities, and only after the team had been defeated multiple times. That the Maximoffs came for their sister.

They had sneaked out of Avenger’s Tower, taking Bella with them to help contain the Stone.  Tony had come upon them walking down the street, and took off after them, telling JARVIS to tell the rest of the team what was going on.

The twins brought Bella to Bucky, telling him to protect her for she was the only one that could contain the stone.  With that, they all left for Sokovia for Bucky had used his own sources to find out where the stone is, under the protection of it’s Robot that called itself Ultron.

Once battle had begun, the Avengers had come to help, fighting to allow the twins and Bella their chance of containing the stone.

After the battle, which ended with Bella confronting the Stone’s AI.  Overpowering it, the Stone merged with Bella, picking her for it’s Guardian since she managed to contain her.

And that leaves them where they are now, with Bella in a body that didn’t register as human or really any being in the universe.  The power she contained in herself was out of kilter with her body and they were looking for a being called the Supreme Warlock to see if they can help her learn control.

Final count:


This will remain the prologue for the story, but I am trying to write the other parts of it.  And here are the banners for the two I have started:

Right now there is no order in them.  Except that Whispers in the Dark is when Skye gets shot and changes everything for Grant.  Spirit Never Dies is slated to be before that, but we will see.

However, when I was trying to write these, it was driving me nuts to try to flip back and forth between the prologue and the chapters AND my timeline, AND the official timeline AND research on a few things.  It drove me nucking futs.  So I went into the office to work on them, and had a message on my computer from Malware saying that it had one item quarantined and one item that should be.  Do I want it quarantined?

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WATCH LIVE: Air 11 flying over flooding in parts of Santa Fe in Galveston County. (no sound)

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And yes, it got deeper and on the garage, if the doors didn’t hold back the water, it would have flooded.

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Found out later that the storm stalled out above us and that is what caused the damage.  We were getting 3-4 inches of rain an hour.  And it was from about 10 pm until sometime past 9am when I laid down exhausted.


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Enjoy the chapter above, and sorry for the long ass post.  But hey, you got a hint of the new story, as well knowing why I have not been online more than a few minutes as I try to find time in my life for other things.