I have a couple of reminders for you guys.

First one is that the writing contest is ending this coming month.  No freakouts, there is plenty of time, plus you can ask for an extension.  Especially this time, I will have no issues with it since I was swallowed up by writing and forgot to do reminder emails.  You can click the banner to be taken to the page.

The second one is that there is a poll on the Facebook group for what story to be edited first.  I should say second since first is leading by a huge majority.  There is multiple votes allowed since I am aware that a lot of people have more than one favorite.  But this is your chance.  I have a disclaimer to allow for RL and muse interruptions.  But right now, she is VERY interested in that first story.  You guys won’t mind me finish editing that story to write more on it, would you?   Don’t ask me which is first, since you can visit the group to find out.

The third reminder is about the donations and Amazon. Click the banner above to be taken to our budget pages. I have updated the Donation and Expenses page from my side, but I know Robin needs to do her side.  Right now as it stands, we are both paying for things for the site out of our pockets.  I have paid out $73.07 in total so far, and Robin is projecting her loss to be in 257.58.  Again, this is before Robin has updated her side since she works and I write instead.

For my side, I take the monies we earn from you using this link: http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=kittyinaz-20 when you enter Amazon.  From that point, all you click and buy gives back to me without costing you a cent.  The clicks make it where if someone else comes behind you and buys the item, I get credit then in a .01 higher percent for each click than an item that is not clicked on.  Basically, I am being paid for recommending the site to you.  We have added an add on the bottom of the pages, that will take you to the site and give me the credit.  Again, this costs you absolutely nothing but the time to click the link.  My hubby has the link saved as his quick link to the site, aka bookmark.  (yes, hubby has two reasons for his own, one, he gets gift cards from work when he completes some projects and he also likes to gift me, which he can’t the other way.)  While I know what was purchased, I have NO idea who does it.  No clue at it at all.  I mostly never look unless someone asks me to.  (which they do, wanting to make sure they used the link right,)

Robin’s side depends on the donations people make through the donation button.  She is looking at some programs to help do a Drive for the site, so you can see your donations and how they affect the site.  Anything extra gets funneled back to the site for upgrades and so on. Stuff to make the site run even smoother.  We are always looking for ways to improve the site.

So please look forward to that information as it comes.  The Donation button is on the right side of every page except the main menu’s since they are specially built for your ease of managing through the site.

I am working on editing, and I promise you that you will have a chapter to read this week soon.  Sorry again that the muse took over my life for awhile.  Hopefully, you guys will enjoy her work.


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