Barely, but still alive.

I finished the first prequel two days ago and it is 12K for a rough draft.  I am expecting it will be about 15K at least when I get to editing it.  It’s a monster of a one shot, but we are not allowing it to be other than that.

For one thing, my muse is driving me to write.  Not able to really sleep, or do anything but write this prequel.  I dream about it when I get some sleep, and falling asleep is nothing but time for my muse to present scenario after scenario to me.  Which would be fine, if I could remember the lines!  I remember the gist of it.  That’s all.

I WANT to work on any of the stories, to edit, to write, to do anything!  But instead, my muse is being a bitch of a taskmaster.  So I am working on it, hoping to finish it, and to then start on editing it.  My beta is very ready to get to work on it.  But then, any of my betas are ready to work on their stories.

I know… You guys are waiting for anything, and I have plenty to edit and write.   But the sad thing?  Is that the Fire Series is just beginning.  Luckily I may get a break so I can work on some of the others stories that have nothing to do with the Fire Series.  But we will see.

But I wanted to let you guys know I am alive.  And to also remind you of the current Writing Challenge…

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