First off, thanks for the likes and so on, on my one shot.

Second, I finally finished the Fire series prequels.  And they are kinda huge.


The first one is 12K and the second one is less (don’t remember) but the third one?  Seventeen THOUSAND words.   And all are in the Rough Draft stages.  When you think of 1-2K chapters I normally add about a thousand words, you get where I come from saying uh ohhhh.

The prequels take place directly after Avengers, touches on Iron Man 3 with changes to the storyline of it, changes the heck out of Winter Soldier and accompanying Shield episodes then touches on Thor Dark World.  All before coming to Ultron.  During the process of these 3 one shots, it wipes out Civil War, with the last of it being taken care of during the actual story.

It has been a work of love, and frustration.  I hate battle scenes since I always feel like they are inadequate.  It was hard to bring the entire cast into this story, but I think I did as well as I can with players not fully of my design.

Now I am off to start editing it and the other stories that I have written but not edited.  The stories that follow are all having a chapter(s) for me to edit and send to betas:

Both have tons of chapters for me to edit.  Beta is more than ready to go on it.  lol

Need to go back over the story, and edit it.  I am tackling this one from now on alone, so it may take a bit to make sure I have a grasp on it.

Need to edit chapters written.

You will be seeing a post on this in the next week or so.  I have some chapters to give to you guys once I go over the changes.

Edit the multiple Chapters I have written for it

Edit chapters I have written for it.

Edit the chapters written for it.

Edit the chapters written for it.

Beta has chatper, will post soon.

Need to write more for it….

Beta has last chapter I have written.

Need to post what I have… Soon!

Edit what I have.  Which is like 30+ chapters.  *Wincing*

Need to post on this one.

Need to post and edit the last on this one.

Got a Beta on this one!!! Time to edit!

And the lastest one that I need to start editing.

So you can see.  There is plenty for me to do.  AND I need to write more for you guys as well!   But at least you have some stories to look forward to, and Fire Series is done until Inifnity Wars.  Just so I can mess with it.  I am waiting on the sequels for Tired Wings for Thor 2.

I am off to work, also all the banners?  They are links to the stories if you want to refresh yourself.