So… I had a hurt Kitty that I took to the vet on Thursday Morning.  She had either got stung or punctured somehow on her neck and it healed enough to stop draining.  She had a little sack growing on her neck and I called the vet and they took her in.  Seems she is a fighter, she hates to be drugged.  She fought it to the point that she was drugged, but was stubbornly still awake. (20 minutes after being given it, which is 15 minutes longer than normal and five minutes longer than any other they have had, especially at her small weight.) They took her back, gave her a touch of gas to get her put out all the way, then proceeded to cut and clean the wound.  They gave her an antibiotic shot (thank GOD!!! Giving cats pills is NOT fun!!)and told me she is fine to run around and even outside.

I get home and released her out of her carrier.  She ran out the door.  All day long we checked on her constantly outside.  She was under the house, on the part that the ground is higher and we can’t climb under the house to get her.  She stayed out all Thursday and Friday until the late afternoon when she was close enough for me to grab her.  I took her into my room and proceeded to check her over.  She had bled some more, but we cleaned it as well as we can.  And she was exhausted and stayed in the room.

I did as well since it calmed her down.  Saturday we did errands whenever she retreated to the window to sleep with her teddy bear.  And yes, she has a teddy bear that she claimed that is as big as she is at 10.5 lbs.  She has had it since she was a kitten.  My dresser is next to the window, which creates a ‘safe’ spot for her.  She stayed there unless she wanted to drink or eat.  Or use the litterbox finally.  This continued until Sunday she had escaped when we went for food.  Connor and Murphy were upset on me staying in the room and opened the door.

The joke was on her, since that day and the other times she escaped outside, it has stormed or rained.  She has given up on it finally yesterday.  Today is the first day she is not being needy by following me room to room, sleeping in my lap, or on my chest.  And I am not allowed to do anything but pet her.  That is what has happened to delay this chapter.

But as soon as I could, I got online to admit people into the Kittyinaz Group, and now to release this chapter online.  Connor is thrilled to have me in the office and is in his preferred spot under the desk, with Murphy watching so he can take it if Connor leaves.  Plus it is the coolest room in the house, purposely since it has a lot of computers in here.

I also wanted to get this out since tomorrow I am taking Grandma for haircuts.  She has decided to go where I do so that she can just hitch a ride with me.  At least I get my hair done on a schedule now.  LOL.

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Here is the chapter:

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