Alice and Hatter

Alice and Hatter

First story on my Revelations of an Hatter and an Alice.

This one is based on the movie Alice 2009 (syfy).  I took it and redid with my own twist on the story.  Lines are from the movie and added scenes are focusing on their relationship.  This also has a large twist in it, hints for the sequel…..

Banner done for the story of the month contest by the awesome Missron80!

Song List

Chapter 1 What If
Chapter 2 Run!
Chapter 3 Jabberwock
Chapter 4 The White Knight
Chapter 5 Downtime
Chapter 6 Goodnight
Chapter 7 Secrets
Chapter 8 Come Across the World for You
Chapter 9 A Really Thin Line
Chapter 10 Bring The Fire
Chapter 11 My Head is Spinning
Chapter 12 Love is our Resistance
Chapter 13 There is Something About the Love
Chapter 14 I Will Be There for You
Chapter 15 It Comes with a Price
Chapter 16 To Be By Your Side, I’ll Do Anything
Chapter 17 They Will Not Control Us

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