One Shots

This is a list of one shots for Alice.  Songs for Alice are included under here also.




Got A Mountain To Climb
Based on a What If scenario from my own fic, Alice and Hatter.

Song:  Enough to Let Me Go by Switchfoot

What is Hatter didn’t call for his Parents when Alice beat the Red Queen?  What if I allowed the movie continue a little bit longer?

Author Notes:  Just trying to get a feel for this writing again.  Decided this song was haunting me enough.


Hatter at the Lake 2

Has Lost Direction

Song: Valentine’s Day by Linkin Park

Grab Tissue’s when reading this.  I cannot and willnot ruin this one by saying anything more.


Hatter says goodbye

Hatter and Goodbyes
Song: This Ain’t a Love Song by Scouting for Girls

After Alice left Hatter in the Looking Glass room, what happened.  Or my version at least.


Hatter for Youre Beautiful

My Love Is Pure

Song: You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

Hatter visits New York City.  He catches a ride on a subway and shared a moment with a stranger.

Author Notes:  I heard this and this story flowed.  Helps with my aggravation, can’t find songs for stories, or can’t find a freaking name for a character to post one that is written.   It is short.  I am sorry for that, but it wouldn’t leave me alone.  It’s got as bad as some of the other fics.


the Next Contestant

Next Contestant – Tea Shoppe

Song: Next Contestant by Nickelback


Big Texas

So The Story Goes

Song: Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans

Challenge!!  Write this song as an Alice songfic and a Twilight Shot.  Same song, 2 different stories.

Author Notes:  Yep.  I wondered if I could, and Brumier said yep.  So here it is.  This one will NOT be the song as a fic, I am saving that for Twilight.  This instead is Hatter meets Country.  Remember, there just has to be a line in the story for it to qualify! Also, I live in Houston.  I sympathized with Hatter, and only enjoy happy country.  No freaking ‘my wife hates me’, ‘my dog is dead’ and ‘I love my truck’ songs.  Unless it makes fun of those.


Someone That You Are With

Song: Someone That You’re With by Nickelback

Hatter notices the pretty brunette that has moved in across the hall from him. But can he get her attention? This is a one shot that has NOTHING to do with any of my other stories. AU


Hatter and the Looking Glass

Waiting For You

Song: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script

Ok, I am having a problem writing what I want.  I am in a weird mood, and I really can’t explain it.  It is not happy, and so I guess that is why I can’t write. So I decided to write this one shot in hopes that it will help out.  If not, well then you guys get a surprise chapter.   There is a another fic that goes with you, due to feedback.

Also, Hattie, thanks for the pic.


Welcome to My Silly Life

Song: F**ckin Perfect by P!nk

This is the second part, Alice’s view on Waiting on you.

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