2017 Christmas Writing Challenge

2017 Christmas Writing Challenge

Yep, it’s that time already.  I know I am running late, but RL has been a real pain this year.

I went back to the prompts since it is what I promised.  As it stands, these are the 10 for this year.  And I did throw one in there that made me laugh.  If you guys can work with it, I would be one happy little Kitty!

Just remember, any fandom is allowed.  And if the prompt inspires you in any way, it qualifies.  Just let me know which did so I can put the right prompt at the beginning of the story.  You can change any part of the prompt to work with your muse.

I’m putting these for the deadline of the 10th of December to give you time to write, but as always, if you need an extension, it will be granted.

Without much more fanfare, here you go.  (For the sake of those that have issues reading the cards, I am putting the words below)

1) With an awkward chuckle, he pointed to the mistletoe above their heads.

2) One brightly wrapped box under a tree, in a clearing in the forest.

3) Everyone received one present at Christmas that hints at what is going to happen next year in really cryptic ways.

4) Your character opens up a Christmas card to find out that it’s addressed from themselves, 20 years in the future! What Christmas wishes and advice does the future version of them have to offer?

5) Satan (or a character of your choice) traveling around the world every Christmas to deliver presents to all the young kids who misspell Santa on their Christmas letter every year.

6) Your character walked away from the life they know and the people they love. Now they are coming home for Christmas for the first time since then.

7) The fireplace animated the shadows of the living room that had many Christmas memories in the years past.

8) Your character has just received a very special Secret Santa gift from a secret admirer. The character decides to figure out who gave him or her the gift. What happens next?

9) A character receives a gift mysteriously for the 25 days leading up to Christmas. Each gift is a hint helping the character recognize true love and friendship in their own lives.

10) A brokenhearted character decides to spend Christmas alone, away from family, friends and loved ones. However, fate has other plans for this character.

There they are.  I hope one of them at least inspires you to write!  And as always, the rules remain the same, but you can submit more than one story, as long as you do not let anyone know.  I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.  The last time I did this, one of the stories so inspired a writer to publish their story!!!

I am an Idiot.


See, my desktop is my main computer.  It crashed on me, and after trying multiple times to make it work again, I walked away from it.  I used my laptop to work on things for the contest, such as the few posts.   Everything else was done before the stupid thing crashed.

Admit it, you want to do the same thing with your computer.  I do!!!!

Sadly, not all my settings are transferred to the laptop.  Like the Gmail accounts, that hold the entries.  And that one of the Artists sent me a message on to tell me I missed their work.

I am so sorry!!!!!!!

So, to correct this oversite, I have a contest that will now on, run with the contest here.  The Kittyinaz’s Facebook Group will be able to vote on things and give their input.  Right now, all the banners are in there including the missing ones.  I have it pinned to the top and will run it through 11/17 midnight.

The good news is that the desktop is kinda fixed.  After I finish doing the Banner contest page, I will be contacting the Windows people to see what they can do.  I cannot open anything Office related and I really wanted to start editing some stories.

I also am going to start a quilt page on here.  Just so you guys can see what I am working on.  I have 2 more that ABSOLUTELY have to be finished before Christmas, and 3 more after that that I want to finish.  I should be good, especially since this weekend I am spending getting the first project done, my curtains.  Then I will be working on the quilts with only breaks to edit some stories here and there. I have all sorts of fun things to help me make them, I have a scan and cut (it’s basically a cricut) and an embroidery machine, that I am already making my summer quilt for….

I am also having to replace some stuff from Harvey.  My Christmas stuff gets stored in the garage, and hubby forgot that they were NOT waterproof.  I also lost winter clothes and so on.  So I am going to have to make (or buy) replacements.  The things you never think of.

And for all those who are reviewing, you ARE the reason why my muse is starting to stir.  I am going to be editing what I already have written to start with.  And getting ahead with the betas and so on.  But I will be posting something as well as getting my butt moving on Christmas prompts.

So much to do, and hopefully, this machine keeps working.  I can’t afford another one.  To get one that works as hard as this one does, we are looking around $1,000.  MY laptop was NEVER meant to take the place of this thing.  It is supposed to allow me to work out of the office more.  Buying the house made it where this didn’t get replaced this year. (Yes, we save money up for the 2 or so years to get these computers, but this one is over 5 years old.  It was slated to be replaced but Houses come first.  Ancient in the world of computers, but because we spend so much money, they last longer for us.) And since we wiped out our savings for the house, it will be awhile for it to replaced.  So I will eek it out as long as I can.  Though I plan to make Quilts to see if I can supplement the income some. I have no idea how to go about this, so we will see.

To wrap this up, I fudged up bigtime.  I missed 3 entries (which are good!!) to be entered into the Banner contest, and instead, have the contest running in the Facebook Group.  It will run until 11/17.  If you want to join, you have to answer some questions to be allowed inside.  I will be editing written chapters to send to betas.  I will be doing the Christmas prompts.  And I will be working on making the quilts so I can have Christmas finished.  For gift giving at least.  And will start posting what I have done so far, as soon as I can get this thing working right.

Thanks for the patience, and double for the reviews that are motivating me to get back to writing.  Just to balance Quilting and Writing.  Both are outlets for me, and both allow me to work while thinking about the other.  Though it is more Quilting allowing me to think on writing, as well as having me listen to music and think of stories.

Holy Crap!!

So.. I went to get the results, and Robin told me there is a huge tie for 1st place, and the rest are close as well!!!!

Holy cow!!!!!

You guys are so awesome!!!

However, this presents a huge problem.

I don’t know who won, with a 6-way tie.

So… We are going to extend voting until the 31st.  You are free to go vote for your favorite banner.  And please vote!!! All of them are available for your vote.  Since they are all so close.

Have fun voting, and I am going to try to finish up the quilt I am making right now.  When I am done, I will be posting pics of the 1st three I made.  I still have 4 more to make for the holidays, then I will be free to work on my stories with quilts thrown in here and there.

See ya soon!!!!


And the Contest is on!!!

And the Contest is on!!!

I know… I am late.  But RL has not been kind to either Robin nor I. Stuff happens, life goes on.

But we have LOTS of entries, enough to make me think I may do this next year with a different theme.

Now here is the idea.  You vote for your favorite banner.  You can leave comments on the Project page. And if one spurs a writing idea, please let us know!!!!  After the contest is done, there will be the banners with the artist’s cards.  That is when you get the chance to grab these awesome banners for your stories.

I know there is a couple I look forward to seeing if anyone takes and am anxious to read…. And I admit there is one that I am telling myself so freaking firmly that I have enough stories in my queue.    But….  No….

So please go on, vote for the best banner, the banner on the top of the post is the link to the contest.  The contest is open until the 20th.  After that, it will be open season on the banners.

Good luck to everyone.


The banner contest seems to be a hit!!

I have received multiple entries, and can’t wait to show you guys the amazing artwork!

You still have time to get your entries in!!  I have a class tomorrow, as well going to be busy the rest of the day and Saturday, so you can get them in!!!

For those who are wondering how I am doing, I am getting there.  Luckily Quilting seems to be the antidote to me needing to be busy while trying to settle my mind.  My Muse is slowly waking back up.  She was traumatized as much as I was by the sheer horror of what was going on around me.

There are piles of people’s lives out on the curbs everywhere you drive.  The only exceptions being either the lucky few who did not get flooded, (And I mean LUCKY few.) or those that have already had their lives picked up by the trash companies.  It seriously breaks my heart as you drive around on your errands and see the sheer amount of damage of people throwing away things that mean something to them but are growing mold on them from the flood.

Bleach is the #1 commodity now.  Sadly for the houses, since a lot of the items are cloth and so on or wood that was left too long in water.  NOT from the owners, but from nature.

All in all, it has been one of the experiences that drive home a couple of things.

  • Houstonians (which is the city and the surrounding areas) are some of the most helpful people to their neighbors.  Strangers out helping strangers, not caring who or what that person is.
  • It has taken a long time, but I am finally proud to be a Texan.
  • Your life matters more than belongings.  As my Hubby’s uncle taught us, money can’t be taken with you.  It’s only money, and people are worth more.
  • And you can rebuild from any catastrophe.  With hard work and determination.

I have to clean house, then work on the last step of my middle nephew’s Spiderman quilt that I am making for Christmas.  I have a Batman quilt next, so it will be interesting.  I have fabric coming in for my sister in law’s quilt she asked for, as well as tons of fabric for my own quilts.  I also will try to make my brother and his wife a quilt.  Then Christmas will be done except for my mom and dad.  Also my in laws, but M hasn’t come up with anything yet for them.

But I will be starting to work on the food blog here shortly,  I figured that it would be the ideal thing to get back into working on a computer again. It needs to be done, as well I am looking forward to completing that chore.  Then I should be getting close to starting to write again.

My hubby has pointed out that this might have been a good thing to happen.  Now I have a hobby that I can do anytime I get stuck on writing, letting my muse work out the issues so that I can write easier.  It is also helping with the depression since I am still working on something which doesn’t make me feel worthless when I can’t do anything. Though I fully expect to have days with me stuck not doing anything due to the bouts of depression.

For now, I am going to clean my house since I am feeling up to it.  Then either work on the binding of the quilt or if M is home, working outside together to get rid of more of the damage.  WE have to figure out how to take the top off the pecan tree since it is now dead dead. (It had some greenery up there in the form of small leaves, but that is all gone now.)  The good thing is that the rose bush that was taken out by the neighbors when they cleared the lot next door is coming back with a vengeance.  Thank goodness, since it has the best smelling roses!

We mostly have damage from items sitting too long in water, which killed the grass in some areas, wood that floated in from other places, that we had no place or will to get cleaned up.  And we have the garage that took some time to look over, though we expect that we will be finding damage for awhile on that one.  We already lost cement in bags.  Hubby didn’t even think about that stuff until I mentioned it.  We also lost my Christmas tree.  Which never occurred to either of us until yesterday.  It sounds so petty next to the sheer loss of others here in Houston and in FL, but there are many good memories wrapped up in that tree.

It may sound petty, but there are still items in the garage that are from M’s and I’s lives in Tucson, that we are waiting for when my parents move out to bring in.  Sadly, over the years we have lost more and more of that life, which is sad since a lot of our wedding stuff and other memories are being thrown out that I had painstakingly bought or made for our homes in AZ.  WE had been very short with money, so a lot of the things I had from then were carefully bought to make an apartment a home.  Thankfully, some of the more precious things have been brought in, the afghan my grandmother made me was the latest item brought in thanks to my great aunt (yes the same who we rescued) giving me a quilt rack.

It may be from me losing those items that make me so sad looking at other people’s piles of their lives on the curbs.  But it reinforces the idea that for all we lost, we have our lives to build new ones.

So I am off to work on cleaning since I will have my grandmother spending time with us this weekend while my mother and I work on quilts.  Plus I need to put away the last of the Harvey supplies.  We still have water sitting out in the living room.  In case others needed it, we wanted it to be close to give out.  However, since Houston has claimed to have the water situation fixed in all areas, I think I can put it away now.

Too bad, I seem to have ALOT of water!!!!!

I wanted to let you guys know you are not forgotten.  The ladies in the Kittyinaz Group have reminded me of the NCIS/twilight story that I started and I frankly was mad at myself for not doing more of the chapters!!  But it just a reminder that I do listen to you guys and my muse is peeking out with little snippets of ideas.  She has brought out Damon for a second, as well as Eric and Sookie from IND.  Who knows what can happen?

I look forward to posting the results for the entries, and don’t forget you can enter.  Just click on the top Banner to be taken to the page.