Results Day!!!!

Results Day!!!!

Sorry about yesterday, it was a BAD day.  But I am awake and I worked to get the results all done and updated.

Without much ado, First Place for the General Vote:

The other placed Entries:

First Place for the Kittyinaz’s Facebook Group is:

And the other Placed Entries:

And that wraps up the Writing Challenge for December. The top banner will take you to the challenge page for you to see who all wrote your favorite stories.  I wish to thank all who entered, you are more than welcome to reply back to the comments left on your stories.  Also, you need to send me a link to your story if/when you post it to your site for me to link up.  Don’t think I will remember just cause I follow you or I reblog you.  Just leave a note on your story or contact me on Facebook with the links.  I admit I am finally getting old and sometimes things slip past me.

As you can probably guess, I am taking off the 1st quarter this year.  I have enough on my plate without worrying about anything right now. I am also going to be working this weekend on a couple of projects, and have a 2nd bday party for one of my nephews. And since one of them will be paid, it’s safe to say I will be working on that even if it extends into next week.

In regards to the stories, I am working on the chapter.  I have one more section left to edit, then I will be forwarding it to the beta.  I have added so many words so far it ain’t funny. But the last section has a meeting then the first date for someone in the story!!!     I wanted to make sure I don’t half knock it.

Thanks for all your patience.  I am trying to get back in the swing, but for my family, the holidays don’t end until after February 15th.  We get a month break from bdays.  Unless I am wrong, which could be happening!  Maybe I can get to work on other things?!?!?



I have the results of the contest and am waiting for the ladies in the group to do their own voting.  IF you are a member of the Kittyinaz’s Facebook Group, please head to the group and put your vote in for your choice!!!

While I am waiting, I am updating the banners in Photoshop with the places and I made new Ribbons for the contest:

I did this since the old ones were bothering me with the nice ones I made for the Kittyinaz’s Facebook Groups.  Notice that we only go 1-3rd place with Runner up now inserted for more if there are enough entries.  It will be used for 4th place, or more depending on the entries.  For Instance, this contest gets one Runner Up.  Also, the colors of the ribbons will make it easier for you guys to see who won what.  The middle is just me sayign which contest it is for.

I have been working on Chapter 10 of the Tired Wings.  I spent last weekend prepping for my next quilt, though this weekend I may be working on something someone is paying me for.  Of course, paying gets priority over my wants.  I have some more quilts to make for others, but I will be working towards making some to sell.  I’m setting up a page here on the site to showcase the ones I already made.  Once I am ready, I will be making an Etsy page, but I will also sell from this site since it is part of the theme we have.  But this will not be for awhile, since I only played, and will be dealing with that in the future.  I have all these neat toys, and I want to play with them!!!

So hopefully tonight I will finish up Chapter 10, so I can work on the next ones and get it off to the Beta.  Then I will be turning my attention to Sacred so I can get that one ready for you guys.  Hopefully, after that (or even during!!) I will feel up to writing.  I will admit, my muse is chuckling along with the chapters and they are getting MAJOR edits.  This chapter was originally 2,630 words.  It is safe to say I exceeded 1K words added to the chapter.  I am close to the end, so we will see if there are any more to be added.

I think I forgot to put it in here, but I did get a story written to me for my bday…

She has told me she has plans to continue it and I am looking forward to it if she gets the time!  I am not sure if I like the banner yet, so do not be surprised if it changes.  But seriously, go read it, and let her know what you think!! I am so much looking forward to reading more of it!

I am off to finish up the chapter and the names on the banners.  See you hopefully about this time tomorrow.  I make no promises, cause I really understand how people here in Houston are getting sick.  Yesterday the heater was on in the night for us, and today the AC had to be kicked on cause it was heading into the middle 70’s inside the house.  Our weather is rocketing from one extreme to another.  From what I understand, it is going on in the US in other places.  It sounds funny, but I wish it would just stay cold.  Summer is coming soon enough and it will probably be a scorcher again.

Have a great day/night!!!

A Chapter?!?!?!?

A Chapter?!?!?!?

Yes, you read that right.  I actually have a chapter for you to read!!!

It’s me finishing up the Twilight/Marvel that I have had written all this time.  I am needing to get to work on finishing the rest of the chapters and sending them out, but this is a way for me to get back to writing.  I edit past chapters and slowly it eases me back to my style of writing.  I will finish up this one and then work on Sacred and the rest of the load.

However, you will find me tapering off from editing and getting back into writing soon enough.  So until I get enough banked chapters, I will be posting once a week.  When during that week?  No idea.  But I will aim for a week at a time, once I get banked chapters. Banked chapters mean they are back from betas and I have done my part as well.  Right now, there are not many.  And they are for stories that are for my first fans.

Just a reminder, the writing contest is up and waiting for your reading pleasure. (Click the little banner above to go there if you haven’t had a chance yet!) The other fandom featured for those that are not in the know is Moonlight.  Please still give them a read, others have and find the stories very enjoyable.  No real knowledge of the fandom is needed, it just gives an extra umph.  And for those of you reviewing and reading,

Image result for Thank you Gif

So here is the chapter for those that want to jump right in:

And for those that want to start from the beginning:

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!!!

Finally Got it Going!!!

Wow… When I commented that I was sick and needed some me time, I never expected it to take this long to get everything in order!!!

Then not only me but the wonderful 4Padfoot got sick as well.  Aint we a pair?

But now we are both on the road to feeling better and got both of our sides done with the contest.

That’s right!!!  We finally got the contest all loaded and ready for you guys.  It just took a month and 9 days longer than we wanted… Oi Vey.   But these stories are awesome!!! Give them a chance, reading them and you might find some new fandoms or new love for an old one!   You have until Feb 5th for voting.

And while you guys get reading (and hopefully commenting to give love to the writers!) I will be finishing up the update to Tired Wings that I am working on.  Yes, I am trying to wrap up this one so I can get on to the others as well to get back in the groove of writing/editing and more importantly, posting!

So click on the banner to be taken to the contest.  I look forward to seeing how awesome you people are by blowing up my inbox with comments for the authors!!!! Just a reminder, Authors, you cannot reply until after the 6th CST.

Thanks for everyone’s patience on this.  It is greatly appreciated.

Service notice

Image result for who pissed off elsa meme

Says everyone in Texas right now…

I am working on the banners for the contest.  I am also STILL fighting being sick.  I was doing great until we hit the gas line…

For we were doing good things, planting trees.  Many many trees.  And had our lines marked before.  And this line was NOT marked, and WAAAAAY too shallow.  Like 8 inches down instead of the 18.  We had been encountering roots for a tallow tree that we are going to cut down that ended up being the same size and color as our gas line to the house.  on the last tree to the background, we hit it.  It won’t be fixed until tomorrow.  And we did this the weekend before the last.  With the freezing temps, they are dealing with a lot of broken pipes.

So, fast forward to yesterday and today, with the temps in the single and teens wind chill, and below freezing since 2 yesterday, I believe.  If not sooner.  We just raised enough to hit the freezing temp but still having the wind chill factors in the 20’s.  I’m in the office with my mom, drinking tea, with Tucker and Connor and a heater.  The door is closed so we can be comfortable in layers.  Luckily everyone in the house is from cooler temperatures.  My family from Pittsburgh.  M’s is from Michigan, but he lived in AZ where it gets much colder in the winter than people think.   You can freeze in the fall and spring at night there.  So it does not take long for the things to come up to stay warm.  One thing is for sure, I am making more quilts for the house.  They are the best for keeping you warm!  (as long as you pick the right batting).

So I am writing to let you know I am still trucking on.  I have three banners to finish.  But The awesome bestest friend in the world, Robin, has let me know that our server will be down between 10Pm and 5 am tonight.  We do have media to go… you can find it here:



Click on Eric for the downloads

Robin says she will update the folder when she gets home, so check back to see if there are more than listed.  I am off to finish up the banners so I can get to editing.  I am REALLY ready to edit some stories to send them out to the betas so they can work on them!

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