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Sorry, we had a family emergency last night and my heart was no longer in looking for and posting chapters.  The situation is good now and we are waiting for news for what caused it.  So, for those ladies on Facebook who offered prayers for a good resolution, while not knowing what is going on, thank you.

Now, to the second story I posted yesterday.

If you want to go back and read from the beginning, well you have two choices.  There is the beginning of the series:

Then there is the beginning of this part of the story:

There will be at least one more chapter updated on a story for the ladies in Facebook, and 2 more for you guys who are not followers of the Group.

Finally, Some Tea Time!

Finally, Some Tea Time!


First off, I wish to thank those of you who commented on my last post.  Depression is not to be taken lightly.  Not to be a joke.  It literally turns your body and mind against you to where you feel there is nothing good left.  While I am saddened by others having this, at the same time I comforted by the thought there are others who really understand it.

Thank you.

Now, I have some chapters of Tea Shoppe, both the Alice and the Twilighted version.  For those that are wondering, Peter is Hatter.  I have had this question pop up a couple times, but I figured I would answer it. Yes, in my fic, Peter is British.  Why?  Because I wanted to see how this story worked if it was published in the Twilight world.  I was originally going to see about publishing it, but I don’t know if anyone would be interested, and frankly, I don’t write like this anymore.



So I hope this helps distract everyone from the stress of yesterday.  Myself?  I am hoping my computer allows me to continue to work, it likes to turn off the Wifi adapter, and sometimes acts too stupid to fix it.  I hate restarting the dang thing since it sometimes thinks that I have too many hard drives and that it cannot find one of them.  I only have one, but yeah…  Makes me frightened to turn off the stupid thing.  The only happy thing is that I have everything backed up on a cloud, as well as here.

Also, Thanks to 4Padfoot, Tea Shoppe (the original one in Alice) now has a character page with stats and so on.  You can find it here:

Character List 1

(Yes, I stole the banner from Dying)

In Addition, we added an Affiliate Sites button to the side for those who host their own sites that we know, or who are actually affiliated with this site.  Click it to find out what we have!!!!

I have been overhauling the Kittyinaz’s Food Blog.  It has a new menu system, and I am working to add all the recipes we have collected to it.  It looks completely new, and I am very impressed with how it is turning out.  I never expected it to ever have as many recipes as it does, as well as being a go to.  I am hoping to get it all sorted out for the holidays for you to use.  I am working on the desserts, and boy, are there tons of them!!!  The menu is set up like a food menu at a restaurant, to make it easier to find things.  And of course, the search field is at the bottom of the page in case you want to use that instead. I am working to change the fonts from Yellow that was easier to read on the old theme to black on this one, but if you have any issues, message me and I will go in to switch the recipe for you earlier.


The Christmas contest is live!!!  I am looking forward to the entries!!!

The Amazon link is also here.  The link is: http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=kittyinaz-20 The kittyinaz-20 at the end should be in the address field when you pull up Amazon. After that, anything you do will give credit, even if you don’t buy.  It might make it where the next person comes in and looks and buys the item.

I will be doing a page for you guys to see what all is going on with the monies we get from donations and the Amazon referrals.

Enjoy the Chapter!!!

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Tea Time!

Tea Time!


Yes, you heard correctly, it is time for some Tea Shoppe!

I have an update to both the Twilighted and the original.  I know, I know.  I’m behind on updating, but I had what was trying to be a migraine after I posted on Tuesday.  I should be having one soon, since we are getting a cold front pushing through, and I am extremely sensitive to barometric pressure changes.

Plus, tomorrow is grandma day and is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL.  I love cold fronts, they wipe away the humidity and give us cooler weather.  It looks like we will have both Friday and Saturday of pretty weather, so who knows what will happen those days.

For what has been going on, not much.  Right now I am surrounded by pets, especially a Connor who is thrilled with Mom being up and in the office.  I am going to try to write or edit something.  We will see, since I am also trying to work around the possibility of a storm.  I even threw my sheets and stuff in the wash early so I can hopefully get them done ahead of time.

So if I don’t talk to you before Sunday, have a great weekend.

And in case you might have forgotten these are all the chapters updated so far this week:


Tired Wings are Falling


Some Sacred Place in Time


Tea Shoppe


Twilighted Tea Shoppe

If one of the pics are missing (stupid database), please click on the words for the pic.  It will still take you to the chapter. Enjoy!


3rd Update


I’m really going through my pages in order, and releasing anything that is done.  So there are going to be alot of updates.

I warned you guys.

So the next one is Tea Shoppe (the Alice version).  Once I get to the Twilights, I will release that one.

Hey, I don’t know when the next time I will be able to update after this, so I am taking the opportunity to release as much as possible.

As always, click on the banner to be taken to the chapter.  And yes, there are older comments, since on this site, I can mark then unpublished, and just republish them to for you guys.  I did update with the character banners, which you can tell is from me first starting out making them.  I will see if you guys catch on why there is a difference.

Have Fun!


Tea Shoppe’s Is Live!

Tea Shoppe’s Is Live!

Yes, we are still planning to redo the site, but I spent all day first doing my nominations, then working on moving everything to the sites.  I started having technical difficulties, but I will have A03 & Fanfiction Affliction updated tomorrow hopefully.  I’m finishing up the Better In Texas one right now…  I needed to watch the Slide show to make sure I have all the updates.

They will be updated weekly, so I can make the banners without stressing myself out like I was just doing.

So here is the links:

Chapter 1 Tea Shoppe 1

Chapter 1 Tea Shoppe 1

See you guys later!


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